Friday, October 4, 2013

Try and get off the grid!

Come on everybody, lets get a little independent. We've got to get away from our dependence on oil and on bought electricity. Think if your little patch could blow life into a wind turbine. Could it sustain your household via a few vegetables? Think about the water you're drinking too. It is full of fluoride, ruining your brain cells. I've just signed a petition to help those of greenpeace who got on an oil rig. We all should be fearlessly doing something to free ourselves from our unhealthy dependencies. The drilling is so harmful to the earth. Now they're starting drilling for gas (fracking) in England and Ireland. There have already been little earthquakes. The planet doesn't want it. It is best if the plan isn't just to hope for the best. That is leaving the power in the wrong hands...and spending another lifetime owing them money, to boot! For your house, your heating, your transport, your food. In regard to the programmes of need that motivate us and limit us, I will be talking with hypnotherapist Margaret Denmead tomorrow, on my show and getting liberated!

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