Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Letter sent to local politicians to stop the 43 metre electricity pylons on the Black stairs mountains!

1.     Please could you explore if some money has exchanged hands in regard to the planned pylon scheme for the black stairs mountains? This idea has only been presented to the public at very short notice, to render objections difficult to establish, in time to be effective. I know this is true because, when I went on line, there was a very long standing and high profile opposition in place, to putting wind turbines along the mountains. There was nothing about the pylons. http://www.blackstairsconservationconcern.com

2. Please don’t believe that, just because there isn’t the same number of expert articles spelling out the absurdity and flaws to the pylon plan, that people somehow agree. The truth is that the wind energy technology companies were not wealthy enough to push through their project and the ludicrous environmentally destructive fossil fuel, oil and fracking crisis companies are. Do not let greed and corruption waltz unchecked through Ireland.  I know this letter will go to political figureheads who can assess the situation appropriately. Please do it.

3. The very same objections apply to the pylons and probably double-fold:
It is not cost effective
Generates no energy
Wildlife threatened
Natural habitat
Unique land forms
Conservation area
Tourist attraction ruined
Achieves no objective what so ever as there is already electricity delivered to the south east of Ireland.

It can only serve and perpetuate the monopoly that a few very greedy organizations have on power distribution.

4. EirGrid wrote back to acknowledge my last note. They said there is a ‘feasible 1km wide corridor’ being discussed up until the 26th November. I am not sure why they are already describing it as feasible. Feasible financially, I’m sure, as that cost will swiftly be passed on to the customer.

5. Make sure that whatever decisions made now will sustain the environment and encourage independence for Ireland. We can generate our own electricity – zero point energy technology is available now. Wind and water turbines have an epic unlimited source too. Do not dismiss them for their limitations. Invest in them and allow them to be successful rather than us all be rail roaded by a few wealthy organizations.

6. Please suggest that electricity lines are UNDERGROUNDED. Ie buried underground.
Electricity pylons create two sorts of electro magnetic stress; electrical and magnetic fields. To reduce the impact on a household, people would need to put a mesh in their windows to disperse the electrical field! There is no metal barrier strong enough to protect against the health threatening magnetic fields.
Furthermore, high electric cables attract all sorts of airborne pollutants – for example any pesticides, other field sprays, traffic and factory smoke are drawn to them and then come down in the rain or are wind borne, as they go along.  And Yes! It is linked to cancer and lots of other childhood learning and developmental problems.

We need some strength, integrity and purpose. This should include energy that is not destroying the environment, banks that are not the only people to get paid back and everyone else held desperate. Get your vision in place please and do not let corruption or misuse of power decide what happens next. If the pylons are allowed it is greedy on the behalf of some and pathetic and lazy on the behalf of others. Everyone needs to use their power and abilities to the good. No more victims of circumstance. Some of my friends have their chains ready if they need to take a stand on the mountains. 

Please put a stop to the pylon idea at the negotiation of phase one. Please!
Best regards, Frances

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