Saturday, September 17, 2011

What can you hear?

In troubled times it is important to retain the validity of your own thoughts. This means not giving your power away to any entity outside yourself - like a person or a job. Obviously, there is an impact on you by others who are engaging in negative processes and patterns.
This can lead the most powerful energies to falter, but not necessarily for long. These ripples of chaos, conflict, illness and depression pass through more and more quickly as your own conscious comfort zone expands.

     In linear reality, it is easier being clear with your own thoughts than exchanging thoughts and energies with others. That is why many of us are making sure we have a space to ourselves for some part of every day. The sensory onslaught would otherwise be overwhelming, immersion complete and we would be lost...I’m perfecting Karma Police on guitar this week and its fantastic hook ‘for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost myself. Phew, for a minute there, I lost myself, I lost my se e elf! Repeated a satisfying 6 or so times. Don’t get lost and stuck in your karmic patterns as they arise. Just notice them, clear it and celebrate your steady progress!

 As we gradually become completely comfortable with all aspects of our energy (let all the self judgement, insecurity and apology go), I guarantee we will be ensuring better manifestations during our co-creating and mass consciousness creations. Got to be done!

How we give and take the essence of our energy is the way we physically participate in life. The journey is one of practicing loving assertiveness. We must stand strong with what we know is a product of our own energy-that loyalty to self I was talking about. We must stick up for ourselves fearlessly and not waste a moment’s time with people who are less committed! They are having their own journey and they are not showing you the same courtesy of passionate interest and engagement so let them off. Save your energy for those who really want to participate on every level. That way we really get a productive partnering or grouping of energies and can make a significant improvement in the experience of many in the world. Drumming was one such group last night. Epic, really explored some clairaudiant (?!) dimensions... well really heard a lot that I suspect no one else will ever hear anyway. Thanks everyone x


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