Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Clearings for a peaceful heart

Today's clearings
1. perpetuating (the past)
2. accumulating (information)
3. the idea that we shouldn't suffer.

The physical realm is about suffering at times. At best it is about conscious suffering. To attach a recurrent resistant thought like 'dammit I shouldn't be suffering' or 'that's terrible, they shouldn't have to suffer' is to fight it, give it a special corner in your body and mind to chew over. You are holding on to it and going unconscious again. Let the ego burn off and practice contentment. This doesn't mean we have to follow the consensus like sheep, blind or afraid to mention injustice and unfairness. Practice saying exactly what you see, good and bad...and then make sure the emotional charge is gone. Honesty is never going to be a big seller but it leads to health, balance and flow, all of which are good I think.

The best lesson I learnt at the Salsa Congress was that everyone can shine at once. It was an amazing event full of drop dead gorgeous people in their element. It took a moment to run with that, having been so used to troubled, unassuming people.

I also noticed that we do have it all here, think we need to start making the most of it. Give me fertile land versus the desert any day of the week...except the last five where I had the five star oasis to swim and get clean water!

Every step of down town Marrakech has to be seen to be believed. Loved every one, every dance, every song, every party. Go if you can x

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