Thursday, September 22, 2011

Playtime at last!

I'm at Dublin airport heading to London then Marrakech for the salsa party. I have four words for myself. Magic, enjoy, relax and respect. So far I have been able apply them all. I have not brought a loaf of bread to keep me going even though the mortgage came out of my account and I am travelling with 70 euro to my name. Sure, I never eat any way when I'm dancing. At least I have a return flight now. For a week there I only had the outward bound ones and Windy was worried I wasn't coming back.

I was asked to like the Fairgreen Shopping Centre on Face book, so while I'm away I will be doing some soul searching to see if I can do it! Last night, I did an eleventh hour space clearing for a Carlow home. Geopathic stress arama and much volatile energy expressing itself too. Trying to let that fully go now. Lovely family, really see steady progress in everyone at the moment. I'll try and keep up when I'm away. Thanks Kate for the white shroud loan for the White Party that's the last night, classic.

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