Monday, August 15, 2011

You Make it Easy, to Watch the World With Love

Awareness of polarity, separation, turbulence and misdemeanor is one thing. Most of the time we live in a world of relativities and much mental darkness. What about our awareness of the infinite? The times when the path before us becomes quite clear. We readily accept the pursuit of justice, wisdom, loyalty and truth and the requirement to walk humbly and in love and respect towards our fellow human beings. Only once we have cleared our ego triggers like powerlessness, inferiority, anger can we live fully guided by the infinite, without fear of annihilation!

‘This awareness of the infinite around us and pressing upon us is never more vivid than in respect of the bonds and sanctities of home. Here I have not first in mind the transports and ecstasies of youthful love, though even here, it is possible, the lover who idolizes and idealizes the beloved may for the moment have a truer insight into his or her true nature, what he or she is by possibility or by desire, than can those who judge from outside and without the intuitions which love brings. I had rather in mind the love of parents for their children and for one another after long years together. Here are bonds of affection and knowledge which neither life nor death nor things present nor things to come can sever; here too, then, we touch the ultimate. Wonder and affection, awe and reverence become the human family.’

This is a quote from my grandfather’s book! Who’d have thought his’d be the first romance novel I’d happen upon...My Cherry Tree by Nathaniel Micklem. He also wrote at least 10 others including Religion for the Agnostic, Religion for the Sceptic and Religion for the Atheist. The man had a calling, you have to give him that! He was also deeply interested in Aliens, so it turns out I’m a bit of a chip off the old block, as they say. Most importantly, he’s one of my two guardian angels and speaks to me telepathically daily. Do you know who yours are? Because it’d be worth tuning in to those parts of you that have a broader perspective. The 3D one can only be holding you back! What was also really cool about my grandfather was that he was a conscientious objector in the second world war and addressed the German people every day of it, in German obviously! to let them know what Hitler was doing. The moral of the story is that life really is all about raising awareness, compassion and putting 100% into love.

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