Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Geometry and Salsa

Well they say - the powers that be - that if a wasp shows up its a call to study sacred geometry and how it might apply to your life.

In one sentence, I would recommend that you incorporate eyes, ovals, squares, circles and many spirals into your doodles today. All these lend you an improved coherence and flow in your unconscious and increase your receptivity to time, love and money (all energetically the same peace and abundance frequencies). The architect, Michael Rice, who designed this place, arranges his website into 3 to 10 sided homes! That’s when you really want to create something tangible that will resonate harmony long after you’ve gone! Even buildings have a vibration. Usually low but imposing on its environment. Bio architecture (sacred geometric architecture), however, works in synergy with its environs as it replicates and mirrors natural shapes, that sustain life.

There are many ways to bring grace into form. Don’t miss out on any of them. For me, salsa is my recent favourite by a long shot. The learnings are ongoing and manifold. The feel good factors are ongoing and manifold. It starts with learning basic footwork patterns. Then, no sooner do you feel slightly confident in your tiny area of what you need to do, you have to learn to follow a lead. Quite a subtle lead!... and change direction, spin and not rely on your lead too much either - always have your own momentum! ‘loody hell, all new areas for me, coming from a martial arts background, where everyone is an opponent. Now everyone just wants to take me for a turn on the dance floor.

So bringing grace into form is also a way to personal growth - via relinquishing control, achieving synergy (where two energies work better together than separately) and building trust. Its essential stuff, when you’re wearing high heels, that you’re fully aware that its by the grace of God go I! In Galway, last weekend, at the salsa festival, I had to lead too for one class - due to a shortage of men! For men, I think salsa is an amazing lesson in ... leading basically! - healthy assertiveness, building self trust and developing physical presence, co-ordination and confidence...and imagination! For both sexes, there is the chance of togetherness, so infrequently felt in other areas of life. As my hands and heart are so activated at this stage energetically, dancing with some people can be overwhelming, for example if they carry a lot of pain or are deeply gorgeous. Both in the same partner can be the final straw! But remember that all our bodies are pure energetic fields that respond readily and well to loving treatments so do something! And really, what else would you want to be doing?...Off to practice my spins ... and then a massage!

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