Monday, August 29, 2011

Kerry Inspiration and others on Saatchi Art

'Natural High'

This is the latest painting to be sold: Susi and I noticed a gap when we were in Esquires for coffee and I assumed one had fallen and broken. It didn't occur to me someone had purchased it! What a result! Mum loved the lebanon cedar carved on slate too. It was fact obviously both the twin's... 70th birthday party on saturday, not at all over shadowed by the oldest twins ever celebrating that day too - their 100th. (Winifred and Marjorie, what great names!)

Sunday was Olwyn's leaving party. I thanked her for giving me her job. Very generous I thought. Please call in if you're passing through Carlow -its Alive and Well in the Fairview Shopping Centre.

On the clearing front, I've been learning more hard lessons this week. That its only worth communicating when your heart's in it and even then it might not go well!

But also been reassured that happiness isn't a place we're going, its actually the way there. x

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