Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tetrapods, tetrapaks and tetra hydral lights formations

We’re back in County Kilkenny for the moment, pretty delighted with progress. We’ve been trying to review what we actually did, what we’ve made so far and what will happen next.

1) Kilkenny
2) Carlow
3) Laois
4) Kildare
5) Offaly
6) Wicklow
7) Dublin
8) Meath
9) Westmeath
10) Cavan
11) Louth
12) Tyrone
13) Down
14) Antrim
15) Fermanagh
16) Derry
17) Donegal
18) Leitrim
19) Sligo
20) Mayo
21) Galway
22) Connemara
23) Limerick
24) Clare
25) Kerry
26) Longford
27) Roscommon
28) Tipperary
Then there’s Cork, Waterford, Wexford still to do and can’t think of the last one.

The plan was to raise money for the welfare charities in each county and to generate extra funds by doing the healing work for who ever was up for it.

It turned out everyone was up for it and made us very welcome. Although, as someone pointed out, who wouldn’t be if you just show up and say I’ll help you with whatever you, your family and business are going through?! There was no need to overcome any fear or even acknowledge there’s anything going on! What came up for me was that I was hoping that people would make a donation in exchange for the work. What actually happened was that after sometimes ten hours of personal clearing, people didn’t end up giving even a fiver. Plus we ended up saying endless thank you’s for giving us the use of a field for the horses. It made us laugh eventually as we realized that as we’re not great earners at home, we were never going to rake it in for the charities. All the money in the charity account so far is from about 8 max generous people. We don’t know what to make of that!

The way we approached healing the energy of the country was:
I’d start with the county - many square miles - and clear the environmental, historical, financial and health issues. To be concise, which is not my speciality, I phrased this ‘chaos to clarity’, ‘conflict to peace’ and ‘lack to abundance’ Goodness only knows what the repercussions of the work will be. Hopefully widespread and miraculous.

Then we also did some healing for whatever animals we met. These were also grouped into specific areas - traumatic memories, predispositions to illness and re-alignment which seemed to wrap up the past, future and present. Sometimes we just cleared pain or whatever the animal was blatantly dealing with. Sometimes there were umpteen animals. The most was 70 horses in one day at the IHWT, then clearing for all the staff individually and the premises, including a depressing derelict house. But there were all the battle sites, with thousands of spirits to clear and many cultural histories, including Newgrange. The spectrum of time we acknowledged went back as far as 385 million years ago, when tetrapods first walked out of the sea and breathed air as opposed to oxygenated water. Pretty epic, they looked to all intents and purposes like crocodiles but not quite so aerodynamic. More meandering than loitering dangerously, I’d say, from the drawings. The fossils are in situ on Valentia Island, which itself they reckon was on the equator at the time. Presumably that means we were all on the equator at the time. How lovely would that be?

There were so many people and spirits to clear, it got a bit mad at times. There would be a clearing arama, then five minutes pause in the lorry and then an unrefusable invite to dinner...which slightly meant to me another 3 hours clearing for me.

Suffice to say, we made our way home, completely shattered, needing to process the vast amount of information that had passed through my system. I lost my voice and coughed myself to exhaustion. Susi lost her livelihood and another set of challenges.

Strangely, it was the tetrapaks that sent me packing again. Dairy ones, meaty ones, bird carrying ones.

After I'd been holding a space for resolution to take place in the bigger picture of Nationwide, I came back to find the smaller picture had gone downhill bigtime! An animal loving, hard liquor drinking person with a possible eating disorder had moved into Harmony Hall. . . and surely there’s only room for one of those in any household.

After sorting through the remains of many chicken dinners and other debri in the recycling and up and down stairs, I at last got the place back and replaced the smell of TCP and cigarettes and litter trays with all the lovely incense and candles I’ve been given down the years, for exactly this type of emergency it turns out!

To really recover, I headed for Kerry again for three days amongst lovely people, old friends (some cross over there) and family (some cross overs there as well)! Instead of clearing, I really recommend surfing and swimming and re-surfacing in a supported environment. This can be beautiful, bedecked with montbretia, dinghys and views that drag one’s perspective from the immediate to the eternal. . .

Talking of which,
I went to a conference on extra terrestrial engagement with human beings. The disclosure of all the evidence is imminent, in fact already happening. The likelihood is that they have stepped in at different times in history. I have had one sighting myself, when the planet Nabiru was in view, a couple of years ago and am also very interested in crop circles. Once or twice, when I have had decent internet reception, I have gone on the Lucy Pringle website and downloaded a recent one and sleep with the image under my pillow. Try it some time! Maybe I shouldn’t mention some of these interests and practices but anything I can do to raise awareness and activate extra brain cells and faculties, dammit I’ll do it!

Some people are interested in 2012 and think the evolution of consciousness will peak then. One thing I heard is that there may be a supernova - which I think is an explosion at the core of a planet. The way to survive this is to let go of your attachment to the way things are (shouldn’t be too difficult as I haven't heard anyone totally pleased with how things are recently! but I mean really let go of your ideas on reality. Like, imagine looking out the window and seeing a caleidescope of colours rather than your usual landscape) and learn how to get into a tetra hydral stance and hold it for upwards of three hours. I think martial arts training is the way to go for this. Michael Rice might help, he’s a black belt many dan in Karate and coincidentally the architect of this place. If I have any easier survival tips though, I will report back. Maybe we should all meditate at once on what’s in store for us. If we concentrate hard enough, we might achieve a subtle shift of the earth on its axis, just enough to get us back on the equator again. Growing avocados and apricots would be great. I came back to just one solitary sunflower and 82 black currants. Self sufficiency is going to take a bit more practice I think!

So, in the meantime, if you have friends with disturbed houses or histories or any other trouble, inner or outer, please let me know as I’m looking for work and, after that trip, I would say that I am ready for anything. Any problems or illness will be a tea party to heal after what I’ve witnessed and Windy’s carried me through...and Susi of course. I was on energetic duty and she was on practicalities. Now we’ve actually done it, she’s hoping that more people will make a donation to the cause and we can divide up the winnings in September, so they can do some good.

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  1. Welcome to our world Franc. If you did it for a childrens hospital or cancer, you would be celebrating now.. Thank you for trying and for breaking your balls for the cause xx