Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day 30 something; Co. Kerry

There were so many highlights to the Kerry leg of the journey, I can't begin to tell you.
On the first day, we went to the brilliant health food shop, Hemp and Things in Cahirciveen on the Iveragh Peninsula. They had said from the start that they would sponsor us but I had not anticipated such amazing generosity. They had the postcard I'd written up behind the counter and Suzan the manager brought me out the back to the organic vegetable room and gave me a crate. I tentatively was deciding on one or two items - probably avocados because life is really about them - when she said something like, 'please, knock yourself out, I'm not counting' Talk about heaven on earth. Then we went to the grains section and, as I looked for the rye flour in my slightly frugal way, she suggested I pick another ten items! Quinoa, Tartex (happiness in a tube), oat cakes, almonds, wild rice, vegetable mince and liquorice . . . I felt we did need chocolate but I couldn't see it and it seemed a bit frivolous. Then I was on to the vegan cheese and tofu. Count me in basically.

The next night was the quiz on Valentia and just a few guys came from the sailing school. We decided they probably had such a nice attitude as they know what's involved in getting something like this mission off the ground; as they teach summer camps and keep kiddliwinks alive on the water all day long. It was a classic night.

Now we are in Offaly heading out on a hack by the canal.

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