Sunday, November 29, 2009

Under The Great Shady Tree

The stillness and connectivity that clearing brings leaves us in the open field of all potential. The same place was spoken of by the mystics 'Beyond right and wrong there is a field, I'll meet you there.' In the middle of this field grew The Great Shady Tree. This is an album about letting go of individual drama and returning to oneness through energy clearing. Brilliantly, one song is called Is this it? The next is called 'This is it'...some acceptance had obviously taken place in between. One song is called Peace Manifesto and consists of a wish list inspired by the realization that we are creating our reality so it is well worth getting clarity about what we really want. There is also a song Frank that he wrote for me following an energy work mission. I was at the launch last night and two comments I heard were 'that is so beautiful' and 'really entertaining'. I myself was too blown away by the accolade to form an opinion on the concert in any objective way. At one stage there were 30 musicians and singers on stage and there was really funky music, peter gabriel-esque production and haunting melodies. Highly recommend the CD, as a soundtrack and useful tool that brings the vocabularies of ordinary life and clearing work together. This feels like a very creative time for everyone and a chance at very authentic expression.

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