Friday, November 27, 2009

Making Decisions

I saw an ISPCA (Incredible Source of Protection and Care for Animals...or something like that!)poster for a Borneo Challenge to raise money. Borneo is a place I've only heard mentioned in Ian Dury and the Block Heads' song 'Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick'. I had the feeling it was a long way away and would therefore be a place where both animals and environment may need attention. Sure enough, I found out that their rain forest is cut down at the rate of the area of three football pitches, a day. Brilliant Bill Bailey wrote to support my plans to raise money and confirmed that his favourite animal, the golden backed orangutan, was based there and they were at risk of extinction within ten years.

The first week I started booking a hotel and asking for donations for an auction and insurance to do this, I kept meeting resistance. I thought every night of giving up but I'd awake every morning convinced I could do one or two more attempts. It was an exhausting indecision, polarizing from enthusiasm to despondency. Then I remembered how to make decisions: ask, 'is this action in alignment with the journey of my soul?' If it is, commit yourself. It was so straightforward then. It didn't matter if I raised 40 cent this year, €400 next year and €40,000 the next. Doing something for the animal welfare was an important expression of my feelings. It was a project and charity in keeping with oneness... and also my secret certainty that animals are on a higher frequency than humans and hold many of our emotions for us! I am a last resort healer for many a loved animal and the SPCAs are a last resort rescue for many a neglected one! An epic €1000 euro was raised at the table quiz. It was a fantastic night, people enjoyed it so much they were still sitting around at two in the morning. For every thing auctioned, a bag of feed or a voucher also went to the KSPCA for their rehoming programme. I had to MC which was a learning curve. But I am really thankful to the Conscious Community, Discovery Park and Vegetarian Society friends for spreading the word and coming and also to Ivan Kelly for hosting and scoring and Alan Keiskin for coming up with the classic questions and tunes.

I learnt that all that is needed is commitment with no attachment to the outcome. We can create a wave of wealth, love and time for anything and anyone we set outselves to. I will do another collection on Friday 4th in Kilkenny, riding my horse and with Susi and her trusty hound. Don't forget to come to energy clearing out at Harmony Hall one day. Someone said yesterday, 'my life just pans out as I even turn up the road to this place. Its a sort of peace, no more questions for a time' Just maybe its the geometry!

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