Monday, November 23, 2009

Effortless ease is the way

I am in a quiet romantic mood today. Its monday morning and I'm basking in the warm water of the Ormonde Gym. The water muffles any sound and there is room to lie competely still. This is where I come to restore my equilibrium after clearing bookings. Any emotional information I have met falls away. The people are friendly. They have the motto 'Go for it' which resonates whole heartedly with me but sometimes they try and push me. Although I talk about it all the time, people don't realize that effortless ease is the real measure of success...the true sign of health, flexibility and fitness. Like a leaf on a river, we levitated down from the branches, we didn't fight to hold on. We float downstream, carried relatively carefully by mother nature and with all our companions colourfully twinkling around us in an autumnal way. Yes it means we don't have much control but we do have infinite, back to back, moments of opportunity for joy and conscious creation if we choose to. I choose to!

Secret Awareness Party - Sunday 13th December,Harmony Hall,Co.Kilkenny 8-10pm €10
With as much clarity and trust as we can gather, lets emit new mental pictures of harmony and prosperity out into the universe. As this already has a christmas ring to it, I have decided to have a secret awareness party at Harmony Hall. The film, The Secret, gave me the idea if any of you have seen it. It will be a chance to focus on what we want from the micro and personal to the macro and environmental. We can resolve any felt limitations and fears while we're at it, bring great momentum to our hopes and dreams, and of course eat well and prepare to live long and prosper.
Love from Franc Micklem 00353 87 137 0859,,

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