Thursday, February 2, 2023

We do not consent to turbines twice the height (185m) with a four acre footprint

 1. I observe that it's not appropriate to charge for people to ask questions / make observations / object to this gateway planning application PA01.315365 . I call it a "gateway planning application" as, if granted, it would open the door, irreversibly, to another 35 giant wind turbines, innumerable 60 mtre high pylons (with no guidelines for those from people's homes) and the little talked about substation, which are fully evidenced as admitting radiation that is fully evidenced to be harmful to human health. 2. The infrastructure for this application will inevitably provide the access for the upcoming applications. This includes some serious ,but not yet identified threats to my home and it's value in particular. The maps have not yet been made public of the siting of the 7 proposed turbines nearest us, but I know there will be a serious impact as I have already been approached by the company. They said because I am only 720 metres from the proposed turbine, that are offering 5000 euro per house and would cover legal costs for advice. They even asked for my solicitors contact details. 3. Juxtapose this against a property valuers professional opinion that homes, as soon as planning for a windfarm is granted , lose half their value. In fact, no-one is looking for a home near a windfarm and we would not be allowed to sell without disclosing that you have granted permission for such a development. 4. I further make the observation that the map I was shown was very obscured by Coilte forestry, and I ask you to look closely at how coilte management has removed a lot of the influence and decision making capacity from the people living here. 5. We have been made aware that 2 local roads, at least, will have to be completely stripped of their hedgerow habitat (three quarters of all birds, bats, pollinators and biodiversity in general are lost around wind farms/factories too) and equipped to carry trucks of 83m long,for even the blades of the turbine. We have seen the damage done by these major groundworks in other parts of the country. I ask you to refuse this application and dismiss it out of hand. The risks of subsidence and landslide, down on top of the 130 homes in the vicinity of these turbines and the 320 homes in the vicinity of the proposed Castlewarren development isn't an unfounded fear. You must consider your responsibility for what happened with Amazon's development, which was approved to offset their huge use of power, under the pretext of renewable green energy, 6. A simple calculation shows how completely contradictory to our EU commitments these turbines are. Each one covers a span of 4 acres, which will mean 172 acres squared of land laid waste , where nothing will grow. Worse than that, a huge level of quarrying would be required to hold these vast structures up, and tens of thousands of tons of concrete, which An Bord Pleonala must know is considered the least environmentally defensible material. Even a cursory look at what happens to turbine parts shows that they only have a life span of 20 years and, because blades cannot be recycled, they are disposed of in already desertified countries. 7. I observe that An Bord Pleanala are not in a position to make a decision on wether to build these windfarms. The guidelines you have were established in 2006, in assessment of turbines half the size. This is significant because turbines of this size have never been built on land before and the companies that are applying are aware that in the countries where their companies are based, they would not be allowed to build them so close to homes. Again, the corporations applying and set to profit, know the safe guidelines and yet are only being asked to submit an environmental impact report, in the knowledge that the current government is zoning huge areas of land for wind and promising 100% renewable energy, guaranteeing successful applications, 8. You must not give permission in this instance because this company is only a broker who will sell on the planning permission and, therefore will have no accountability if it's built. An Bord Pleonala will only be in a position to make a decision once Eamon Ryan implements the new guidelines of minimum distance from homes that was discussed more than 6 years ago. 9. I inform you that there is a specific reason why this application has gone straight to An Bord Pleonala , rather than the Kilkenny County Council planning office. At our fraught and regular and well attended community meetings about how to stop the destruction of our community, many elected councilors have come to support us. They unanimously voted against the zoning of Kilkenny for wind power when they were asked to contribute to the county plan. I believe that bypassing the elected representatives on a development that was seen to do so much harm to the people was unlawful . We do not consent. 10. To elaborate on the harm that wind turbines do to the health of humans and animals; studies point to a disturbance and coagulation of the blood and deformities in infants . Ignorance or insufficient research on the part of the planning authority will not detract from your responsibilities, should these very real problems come to light down the line. Also the constant but irregular sound prevents the function of the circadian rhythm which means interrupted sleep and not being able to go to sleep, leading to impaired immune system and development. I hope you are not going to go against the Supreme Court ruling that determined that wind turbines certainly cause harm and a loss of wellbeing to people, it was only a question of degree. Furthermore, they said that health problems developed long before work started as the sense of injustice and powerless to protect their families or the value of their home did damage. 11. These corporations have been working on their applications for years and yet people are given 6 weeks and a fifty euro fee to study the application and object. This is your job to investigate and protect people. It would go against the Constitution, which says you cannot harm the people. 12. Any decision to grant planning permission to a foreign company that could claim compensation if Ireland regails on it, should only be made based on your early and thorough research into the harm they do and may do, Therefore the decision should be made to block these and future applications. 13.If Gaeltec are granted planning permission and sell it to EDF, the French equivalent of the ESB, who are applying a few kilometres away for the they will have no incentive to make them efficient ( wind turbines are known to run at 30% efficiency maximum, if it is even agreed that they generate at all) as the next thing is selling French nuclear power to people living in Ireland. These are dangerous and unnecessary industries when individual homes can produce enough power, with a fraction of the cost and destruction to the environment. 14. The social fund they are proposing, nor the development will not secure power for any homes in the area and the figure of 60 million has been calculated as estimated loss of value of property extracted from the area, if you grant permission. 15. You are responsible, we are relying on you to say no

Friday, August 12, 2022

Abbot Laboratories in the dock, RTE Representing Them

 What RTE says: Abbot bring 800 jobs, have been in √©iRe for 75 years and want planning permission for a green field site. But a cursory glance at their violation track record and have they been sued before? uh, yep! 700 million dollars in HealthcareViolations, fraud, Environmental Violations, Government Contracting .... And paying doctors to implant their vascular products. And for Employment Discrimination.

Violation Tracker Abbot Laboratories

It is clinical trials (ie animas testing) they have in mind for the Kilkenny plant and genetic engineering. So yep abject terror and a continuum (Charles River Laboratories' word) of suffering for them.

And then just the corruption of the whole gene pool messing about with millions of mutating, genes with no one within a hundred mile radius who knows how to oversee their biosecurity.
Is it starting to look like they're not the prosperous expanding wholesome family-,run business that rte suggest? Kilkenny and Donegal councils should say No. Afterwards it'll be too late.
Abbot laboratories top 5 offenses:
Government contracting-related offenses: 698,547,929 penalty total – 9 charges
Healthcare-related offenses:” 27,950,000 – 2 charges
Safety-related issues 27,000,000 - 1 charge
Competition-related offenses 18,000,000 1 charge

False claims about theur products 698,547, 929 – 9 records
Drug or medical equipment safety violation: 27,000,000 1 record

Off-label or unapproved promotion of medical products 26,000,000 1 record
Kickbacks and bribery: 18,000,000 2 records
Accounting or fraud or deficiencies 13,000,000 1 record

In 2016 Employment Discrimination – national origin and disability 210,000
2018 Health-care related offenses, unapproved promotion of medical products, kickbacks and bribery 25,000,000
2003: 600,000,000 600 million in government contracting fraud!!
2019: 13,747,929 government contracting related offenses. Company infiltrated wholesale prices used in setting rates for Medicaid reimbursements
2013: 5,475,000 for paying kickbacks to induce doctors to implant the company’s carotid, biliary and peripheral vascular products
2007: Environmental violation pesticide regulation: 9,476
2013: Environmental violation Air pollution 93,700
Clinical trials for blood glucose monitors with sensors that ‘sit under the skin’The Kilkenny plant will be ‘future proofed’ to manufacture their next stage diabetes monitors too.
What are our regulatory processes?What if Abbot don’t comply? What does Kilkenny County Council plan to do when they destroy the gene pool, the environment and " induce every doctor to implant" a remote monitoring device in patients and breed and recruit millions of animals for clinical trials? Do we have anyone big enough to say no?
If that planning permission door is opened, we won't ever get a say so in what they do here.

Oh yes, and there are this year's lawsuits against Abbot for sick and dying babies from their formulas but claimants haven't been able to get cases through one court to the next due to a technicality (yes we've heard that one before), so are we all grand with Abbot building these giant unaccountable lunacies here?

"Plant Shutdown

In February 2022, Abbott recalled baby formulas from the market and shutdown their Michigan plant. This is after complaints of infants being sick with serious bacterial infections while consuming formula product made at the Sturgis plant. The recall has caused nationwide shortage of formula milk with at least 73% of baby products out of stock according to data firm Datasembly. In a recent development and with Abbotts' meeting the initial requirement of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, the facility could start operation and begin production of other special and metabolic formulas in 2–3 weeks time."

In 2021, two of Abbott Laboratories' subsidiaries, Arriva Medical LLC and Alere Inc, had to pay $160M to resolve claims that they had fraudulently billed Medicare for glucose monitors. Supposedly, Arriva used free glucose monitors to entice patients into placing more orders, then took kickbacks on the increased sales. The company was also accused of charging Medicare for glucose monitors given to ineligible patients, including patients who were dead"

Do we want jobs like this?

This is what one member of staff had to say in a letter to the food and drugs authorities:

  1. The Falsification of Records – On multiple occasions, and in various ways, records have been knowingly falsified. In most but not all of the situations, information of a material nature was not disclosed. This included testing seals on empty cans; signing verifications without adequate knowledge; understating or inaccurately describing events so as to limit or avoid oversight; issuing certifications of projection pages bereft of pertinent data; shipping packages with fill weights lower than represented on the labels; failing to maintain accurate maintenance records; and prematurely removing holds in the absence of all requisite approvals. 
  1. Releasing Untested Infant Formula – The Sturgis site performed a time code removal after the discovery of microorganisms (“micros”) in a batch of infant formula. The remaining portion of the batch outside the time code removal was released without additional testing. On another occasion product was not re-called from the market even after management became aware of a nonconformity (“NC”). 
  1. The 2019 FDA Audit – Active efforts were undertaken and even celebrated during and after the 2019 FDA audit to keep the auditors from learning of certain events believed to be associated with the discovery of micros in infant formula at the Sturgis site.
  2. Clean-in-Place Staffing and Practices – The Sturgis site has continued to permit lax practices associated with clean-in-place (“CIP”) procedures. The Sturgis site failed and continues to fail to have staff in place with sufficient training and experience to review CIP charts. Nor are CIP charts regularly reviewed prior to the release of a batch. CIP checklists do not require signatures of those performing the tasks and are not otherwise subject to audit by QS staff.
  3. Failure to Take Corrective Measures – The Sturgis site has repeatedly failed to undertake reasonable measures to reduce natural or unavoidable defects to the level feasible as mandated by the current Good Manufacturing Practices (“cGMPs”). Deficient testing procedures known to be prone to causing mistakes have not been corrected. The Sturgis site continues to rely on staff with insufficient training and experience to interact with third-party labs (“TPL”). 
  1. Lack of Traceability – The Sturgis site has ongoing problems associated with the traceability of its products. The automatic labeler frequently failed to work properly and led to significant difficulties in retracing product. QS staff never knew with certainty if an affected pallet was retrieved. 
I wonder if the group will help us shut this horrible idea soon and then make sure there isn't a large animals testing facility made here, requested by multinationals. Even a tender was put out to see if it was viable - yes, a tender is public money. Grim developments all round. 

We don't need or want Abbot pharmaceuticals. And I don't believe that they have contributed  2 billion in taxes to the public purse. We should ask to see some evidence of that.

Is our county vet a match for this corporation? Bear in mind, the same county vet wanted the major dog pound contract to go to the knacker's lorry, with no address in Ireland who get paid twice over as they could invoice for live and carcass, collection and disposal. 

Anyway, if you think there are some important points made here that Kilkenny or Donegal Councils should consider and block planning permission, please copy and paste and send this on.

Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Even a Bite To Eat is Now Political


In addition, I have got my place organic certified:

Outdoors is certified for the Crops and indoors for the Meals on Wheels.

The story so far has been ground breaking, in the most brilliant and literal senses of the word.

This is a map of the hundreds of 5G masts erected in the lockdown, no planning permission required or risk assessment. Time to serve notice on the Head of Irish Broadband? Talking of new technology. This was our take on what is coming down the line at us from the pharmaceutical companies:

Possible conversion with no new angle grinding needed?

I vested a lot of months work into this website a couple of years ago but giving it all up to live in private now. I still offer the occasional accommodation, piano lessons and meals on wheels but focussing more on the energy clearing to help the rise in consciousness and provision of food security for the future.

We only have well dressed, sovereign men and women at our garden!

 And this is our collective approach! So amazing what can be done when people unite and enjoy themselves.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Why was there no referendum or consent asked for 5G

So last week, I wrote to the members of NPHET and this week I am writing to Connect, the lesser known group of lunatics (including the minister for the environment) who are approving and implementing new technologies like they are going out of fashion - regardless if they might mean the destruction of all nature and, yes, that includes us. 

Wifi Masts Ireland -1000s of them despite cancer clusters and the end of biodiversity

The letters go something like this: 

I am writing to you in a personal capacity, to say that I am holding you personally responsible and accountable for your oversight of, participation in, and contribution to the Connect group who have allowed new technology to inundate Ireland (Map attached), with no health or environmental research or independent health studies conducted or reviewed by different bodies here. There were no risk assessments, public health studies, or cautionary principle-staggering of implementation. This meant effects could not be monitored or the roll-out stopped if there were unforeseen adverse events (as documented in the "Resonance, Beings of Frequency" documentary at this link, which I would hope you are familiar with. Nor was there a control group established (wifi-free area and population) for the experiment. You approved the rollout during the lockdowns of the pandemic, making it impossible to distinguish which health issues related to which contamination or stressor. 

Now there is evidence mounting that the technology can interact with the bodies of the people who have had the genetically engineered vaccines. I witnessed my own father's life turned off and on again 7 times over 24 hours before his final death. His health was destroyed after the Oxford vaccine - so called to appeal to the imagined authority of Oxford University, to suggest safety and rigorous research. This matches Ireland's own 'Garnering Public Consent For The Covid Vaccines' policy

Ireland's Covid Vaccine Public Consent Pollicy (I'll link this when I find it again!)
which states that 1) people are "used to" vaccines and 2) they "trust doctors", so 3) they should be administered by GPs to encourage uptake. 4) The public should only be "told what they need to know"; ie. that it is a vaccine and recommended by their doctor. The sequence of injuries in my father's case were Reversed Myelitis; chronic fatigue with weakened bones, and inability to lift his legs. Then MDS or IPT which is a sort of anaemia; radical loss of red blood cells and inability for the bone marrow to make the new cells, but no shortage of iron, so previous treatments for anaemia could not be used, as they would add a heavy metals poisoning. There were over 800 cases of MDS in the UK. Doctors in Ireland are not helping patients record adverse events. Indeed they are hostile and deny any correlation regardless of how blatant. I don't know where the Hippocratic Oath went, starting 'Do no harm'. Now they have been actively recruited to push a narrative that is extremely profitable to pharmaceutical companies and justifies emergency measures and control by government.

But now they have children being lined up for a clot shot by their parents

There is already a criminal case for misconduct in public office, gross negligence and manslaughter, that has been accepted by the International Criminal Court: Ref 6029679/21. I have an outline of the 12 points made in their response to claims from other Irish citizens, if you would like me to forward it.


A complaint of assisted suicide applies to the vaccine technology, NPHET and Europe's Gain of Function council (also based in Ireland - probably as we are the animal testing capital of the EU with zero adherence to animal welfare compliance), but the stronger complaint of manslaughter is founded for the infrastructure and turning on of 5G, as well as earlier electromagnetic Eirgrid, Esb and Broadband radiating infrastructure. And most likely Ecocide too. 

We have not consented via referendum to the roll out of 5G, and there was a lot of opposition that was over-ridden. Co. Clare was one county who fought a hard legal battle to remain free of 5G, as we did here in Kilkenny. There was no chance of informed consent as no information has been circulated about the pros and cons of the new technology. The manufactured consent was achieved by coupling dangerous advances in technology with terms like 'Green Technology', 'Smart Farms', 'Health' and 'Wellness' and 'Connectivity'. And most appallingly, attaching Environmental objectives and Green Deal money to technology, when it works one hundred percent against nature.  

I take this opportunity to say that if you allow gene edited seeds unlabelled as GMO (merely because lobbyists argue no second species was added in the engineering) or you allow the genetic engineering of algae "for carbon capture", which could disturb the gene pool and with it our oxygen supply, there may be questions asked too, like why was it allowed and what made you think it was safe. I sent you, myself in July 2021 a white paper about the dangers of genetically modified microbes - GMO 2.0s.

I also wrote to you personally many times in 2020 about establishing a public bank with a new golden peg - Ireland's precious fresh water resource. You did not even make a statement or murmur when Varadker and Donohoe met with a bank in private and rumours suggest that Ireland's water exchanged hands for a miesly 8 billion. It was not covered or refuted in the news either. Furthermore, I am well aware that you would not even meet with the International Cooperative arm of the Sparkassen public bank, who extended their offer to help with the implementation of public banking for a second time. So, billions have still passed through Ireland inc. via foreign direct investment, contributing nothing to the Irish economy or state, through taxes.   Adding gross negligence to extreme hardship for the people you are supposedly a public servant for, Brexit should mean that the new Import Duty and VAT (on everything even under 20 euros now) but I have paid amounts of 850 and 300 - both of which had to be queried, found to be wrong and reduced - would be a marked income for Ireland. But  no. Every cent is paid to Barclays, not even an Irish bank. An English bank.  

In May 2020, I shared the article below following contacting 'Connect' to talk to their health and safety department to request information on what 5G studies, risk assessments were available and to offer to put a control group together at my own organic farm and include the many other locations from the Stop 5G contingent. I was told there were no medical doctors, let alone department committed to investigating the short/medium and long term effects of wifi, of different strengths, the masts and the satellite deployment, or to offer a control group, not exposed to electromagnetic frequencies, and monitor the health, productivity and biodiversity of participants and their protected land. 

I also applied to manage the National Biodiversity Data Centre to recruit citizen scientists in all universities to conduct 'before and after' data around the multitude of short-range 5G masts, to make sure that there would be evidence to stop the rollout if it was killing the wildlife or contaminating/changing the structure of water/food or air. That tender submission was circulated and sent to you, so there is no excuse that you didn't know. Indeed, a lawyer in the above case has stated categorically that not knowing the dangers will not count as a defence in court. 

You may think that you will never have to formulate an answer about the Covid 19 virus, in the context of the new technology. Some studies explain how viruses emerge from poisoning, rather than transmit like bacteria between people, and how the widespread die-off of our kind, as we have seen in the last two years, is directly connected to the introduction of dangerously unhealthy frequencies and toxins that degrade our ability to survive and care for each other. They draw a parallel with historical outbreaks and give evidence for a correlation with the new technologies of those times. 

I was told by one politician in writing 'WHO says it's safe' but imagine if you were asked in court about any of the above points and you could not prove there were dangers you had intentionally overlooked. This is your responsibility, even if only in part.

The vaccines are the first drugs to ever come on the market, let alone be widely administered, where their active ingredients are not in the public domain. Even under Freedom Of Information requests, they were protected for ‘commercial reasons’. Gain of Function research results are guarded as a matter of national security, while their 'benefits to society' are simultaneously upheld as their main justification for permits and funding. 

5G, bioengineered microbes and high voltage technologies are all protected by GDPR for commercial reasons while crossing every indefensible boundary of our privacy; even our DNA and bodily integrity. Moving us, unbeknownst to many, from human to transhuman and mainly sick and dying.

This all means that we cannot test drinking water to make sure we haven’t contaminated not only our blood but also the future health of all generations (and, of course, only the company producing them can test for and vouch for their safety, while simultaneously profiting and all with no risk). It does not matter how you re-write the Consent Process for the Vaccination Programme, our right to maintain our Bodily Integrity must still be in the Constitution - if it is not, the point was not deleted following a referendum. We do not consent and those that have could not have informed consent. 


Ignorance of what the adverse effects including death and ecosystem collapse will not reduce your liability. The international criminal court confirms in their final point that “If you believe you are a victim of crime and there is no evidence to the contrary a crime must be recorded.” It is virtually impossible to report an adverse reaction to the vaccines, let alone the dangers of living close to high voltage pylons. I have recorded both in my personal experience, as a citizen and as a legal advocate. 

You may or may not know that only individuals can be held responsible; corporations and pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and governments are beyond liability. Although industry know that all the swine flu vaccine injuries are having to be paid out and the HPV vaccine injury as well had to be paid by the State, as the manufacturers have some law supporting exemption. Please consider all these matters and how you would defend your actions. I have lost family and friends to financial destitution suicide and vaccine injury, yet none to the pandemic. The NPHET meeting minutes confirm in their 'Matters Arising' that there was no data circulated on which to make those decisions they made; to kill the livelihoods, muzzle us, allow the power grab of our food and water resources and ability to sustain ourselves or manage our own health, and coerce people into invasive and dangerous testing and medical procedures. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

What Light Is There At The End of The Tunnel of A Difficult Relationship With The ESB?

 Day One Off Grid

Thankfully I'm quite enlightened already, well emanating something at least!

It happened quite unexpectedly in the end. I was suddenly kicked off the electricity grid yesterday - a Sunday afternoon at 3pm; no office to call, and an hour before darkness. I couldn't believe it. I had asked for 'them' to come and take their meter away 2 months ago. Then I thought better of it as the prospect seemed inevitably cold and I hadn't followed it up. 

 Telling The ESB: I don't need you anymore!

Prodigy Style:
"Please come and take away the ESB meters at your earliest convenience. I no longer want mains electricity and I consider this an opportunity to end a consistently bad and abusive relationship. My electrician will be here to help but we need access to the fuse box as soon as possible and the ESB's interesting rules include the meters being your property. I don't want your property on my property any more." 

Highs and Lows of Day One

The Stanley Cooker had been going flat to the boards with the pump kicking in every half an hour to push the hot water around the house from the back boiler. Would it blow up, I wondered now the pump was gone?

Fantastically, it didn't. A Latvian guy Lenas who put in in for me had promised that the water would effortlessly travel 10 floors without a pump but my first night (when I only had quadplex rather than copper piping it melted and swayed and was ready to snap.) Now when it really counted, the pipe held, the hot water moved, the rooms with radiators stayed warm.

Harmony Hall is a bit open plan for off-grid living, so I raced up the stairs to get the router and plugged that and the computer into the one socket I have for the turbine. The old Imac has at least 7 usb ports which is super cool. I was charging my blue tooth speaker and my clip-on lamp. as well as the phone and obviously needing to keep the keyboard and mouse going. 

Check this out though. This is begrudgery big-time. The turbine makes 80 watts going flat out, when I should have been able to get 500. But my minimalist one-socket computer set up uses 94 watts! Yes it wouldn't even give me the pleasure of  providing enough watts for one socket!   

I did though love washing up to the sounds and light of just the sound-to-light system. This is just a kiddies karaoke speaker and mic I got in Aldi. Great sound off it and just enough light to make a disco vibe in an otherwise quite bleak environment.

Why go off grid?

Why had I wanted to get off the grid? It has been on my wish list every year for maybe 15 years. I am an energy healer after all, who goes around clearing problems of geopathic stress - electro magnetic stress mainly which is conducted and carried by both our houses' wiring and the metal grates that are put in foundations to strengthen the concrete.

I recommend to everyone to turn off their trip switch at night. I had tried it before but this was the best sleep I had ever had. It was was like everything that had been winding me up - central and peripheral nervous system, adrenalin response to the wifi - just fell away.

The other reason I wanted out? I hate the ESB with a passion. Hate is a strong word from a loving woman but they're liar and thieves and now I can speak the truth as I am not dependent on them. More about 'what on earth did they do to you' another time maybe but for now, let me ask 

Am I heading 'into the darkness? Or is it the light?
Should I be waking up, or finding a place to sleep tonight?"

So I took to the piano ... to play first, then use as an easel for our first album cover, then to practice a serious vocal for a song that needs serious 432hz power and resonance.
Don't forget "Bandcamp Friday" and keep us artists on the road
by downloading tracks! Thanks a million!


Saturday, January 15, 2022

Only the 44 individual NPHET members can be held to account so let's hold them to account

 I am writing to you in a personal capacity, to say that I am holding you personally responsible and accountable for your participation in, and contribution to the National Public Health Emergency Team (NPHET)

There is already a criminal case for misconduct in public office, gross negligence and manslaughter, that has been accepted by the International Criminal Court: Ref 6029679/21. I have an outline of the 12 points made in their response to claims from other Irish citizens, if you would like me to forward it.


I do not believe the complaint of manslaughter is founded, yet, in Ireland while the uptake of the 'vaccines' remains voluntary. So far - the overlooking of existing medicines and their efficacy, silence about natural immune system health support, inordinate restrictions, collapse of livelihoods, ineffective and unhealthy masks, novel genetically engineered 'vaccines' rolled out with limited short term testing and no mid- to long-term effects known, Polermerase Chain Reaction testing with toxic swabs long after the person who created the PCR said they were not a diagnostic tool especially at the rotations we're using, and air pollution - the measures have taken more the shape of mass assisted suicide. However, if you approve any sort of mandate for this medical procedure to be done against the will or individual medical advice, then the crime becomes more serious, and you may or may not know that only individuals can be held responsible; corporations and pharmaceutical companies, manufacturers and even governments seem to be beyond liability.


So please consider this a kindly message offering an eleventh hour opportunity to strongly oppose the mandate of vaccines and ask for the rollout to be suspended. Ignorance of 1) what is in the vaccines will not protect you. These are the first drugs to ever come on the market, let alone be widely administered, where their active ingredients are not in the public domain. Even under Freedom Of Information requests, they were protected for ‘commercial reasons’. This means that we cannot test drinking water to make sure we haven’t contaminated not only our blood but also the future health of all generations (and, of course, only the company producing them can test for and vouch for their safety, while simultaneously profiting and all with no risk). It does not matter how you re-write the Consent Process for the Vaccination Programme, our right to maintain our Bodily Integrity must still be in the Constitution - if it is not, the point was not deleted following a referendum. We do not consent and those that have could not have informed consent. 


Ignorance of 2) what the adverse effects including death have been in Ireland will also not reduce liability. The international criminal court confirms in their final point that “If you believe you are a victim of crime and there is no evidence to the contrary a crime must be recorded.” It is virtually impossible to report an adverse reaction to the vaccines. In my personal experience, doctors reacted with hostility and deny blatant correlations and the undertakers recorded MDS (drop in red blood cells to virtually none) amongst other innocuous contributors (no mention of the vaccine) to the collective effect: Now being dead.  


I have had to write to you directly, living person to living person as probably even your National Quality and Patient Safety department of the HSE may not have been asked to follow vaccine injury statistics, check for vested interests/relationships between NPHET members and pharmaceutical interests or to weigh up patient safety in any other way, let alone decide who is culpable. Please also explore the reasoning why people should go back to being recorded as 'unvaccinated' if they have only had one vaccine OR if they do not get now a third. This removes two thirds of those who have received injections at all from the statistics, and when another booster is approved, three quarters will be taken out of the experiments' downstream safety results.

Covid Booster Strategy Failing says EU regulators and others

Just got 5 in so far:
Orla Healy Chairperson for Patient Safety.
Paul Reid Head of HSE (without relevant qualifications it turns out but I haven't time to check or share those details)
Stephen Donnelly Minister for Health
Mary Favier President over doctors/GPs who are rolling out the vaccine. The Taoiseach Micheal Martin receives the reports from NPHET immediately and yet has never acknowledged any risks or conducted any person investigation.