Thursday, April 15, 2021

Not really my academic summit but all adult education pays off

 Today, I am reminded of my Stop Food Waste training when we had to conduct an inventory of our kitchens. I didn’t think I’d have much as I am a person who loves to live like an astronaut, rehydrating and sprouting pulses and experimenting with flavours and all things good for you. As I live plant-based, nearly everything lasts for ever and wouldn’t do you much harm and possibly some good if it had gone on to the fermenting stage. I got for my studies which were highly academic and involved, a Masters in Composting. So enjoyable, thank you Carlow County Council. An academic tutor like myself, needs a Masters of her own eventually, rather than just getting everyone else’s papers over the line, in style.

Then I thought of Ronnie Kaufman who is a great coach and was my coach a few years ago. He told me to encourage myself as I worked (sometimes being self-employed can happen in a bit of a vacuum can’t it) So I said to myself, Good Job! And then found myself saying out loud: “Such a good job, it looks like you've done this before!”…well that was a step too far as I haven’t actually fully cleared out that cupboard since my parents gave me the kitchen second-hand 7 years ago! That made me laugh and sent me on another train of thought which was gratitude-bound. 

So I put in Amy Montgomery’s unusual merchandise artwork “As long as you treasure what you receive, there will always be sunshine over your stormy seas”. You should listen to her music, totally epic. And I know what she means because, guess what the first thing is I found in that cupboard, which had rolled to the back? A connoisseur’s choice bottle of wine, from my birthday a whole six months ago! Happy Days!

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