Sunday, October 18, 2020

GDPR Doesn't Protect Us

 Do not embrace GDPR. It does not protect OUR information, big tech is flagrantly using and extracting every detail it can from us and aiming to control our every move. GDPR protects the money interests from exposure of the false information they want covered up. You must see that, surely.

We live in a world where banks merely add zeros to an account to produce credit ... and interest - they have been wrongly lending, with 'insufficient funds' of their own (i.e. they have fabricated reserves of over-priced mortgages and are actually insolvent, and have been in reality for over 15 years). Why trust a digital currency? or even a move to only card payments, when the financial institutions who are the only ones who process, record and presumably should 'oversee' those transactions are completely unaccountable. They are already acting fraudulently. They are profit orientated and will be further protected from honesty or transparency by GDPR.

Don't tell me the auditors have a rein on them. They have let them keep lending all this time.

Don't tell yourself they would honour a dispensation of money accrued in a bitcoin or Swedish krona sale. I know they don't as I have tried twice and never once been able to extract a euro, let alone my original investment and let alone my profits.

Equally in the food industry. We used to talk about food safety but it is all 'on line' now protected by GDPR. The meat companies keep two sets of microbial burden records. One is taken from samples, on the cooking and packaging line (by the sick and dying clusters of workers) and the other inputted into the computer. The latter is delivered to their customers.

Oh no, we are not their customers. Their customers are Marks and Spencers, TESCO, MacDonald etc. I have it from the horses mouth that beef that is clearly toxic, with excessive Salmonella, Ecoli, Bocholism and the like and even registering up to 5 species in one sample (of what can that be? Cow, but also pig, lamb, horse and rodent - yes, the DAFM have this information) are sold on in ready meals and the computer version says they're fine.

So, we need to keep productivity real, not on line, not financial only. We need to grow food and make things society needs, we need to get paid in cash or some other tangible resource and then it's yours and you're in control.

Imagine it; we the people are the 99%. If we wake up, we can be powerful. We are not a 'two tier society', our population is merely a large burnt chocolate brownie that has failed to rise in the oven and there is a solitary cherry on the top sitting on a bed of rose petals to protect it from the charred remains below. The cherry is the 1%. They are not 'creating jobs' or the backbone of the economy. You know that, I know that. Wake up and get self-sufficient. Stick together and remember that we need a revolution now of Irish clarity and discernment. Make plans do your own thing but don't trust the national narrative shared on media. They want you afraid but we are great in number and skills and if we study the Constitution, we should not be ordered about (bodily integrity) or our resources sold from under our feet (land, water, seaweed - even though the fisheries are long gone - should stay in Irish ownership).

You might have noticed a change in my tone. My friend took her own life last week. She was already amazingly accomplished musically but she had done a law degree in recent years and worked for the Citizen's Advice Bureau, specifically to protect people from corporate, government and pharmaceutical abuses of power. She asked her friends to carry on her work - like Puccini's La Boheme, an opera he died before completing.

How many are we going to let die of the 50,000 faced with repossession of their homes, stress, illness and isolation? For me, no more. Clare is irreplaceable and I am determined to equip the nation with the information to take the power back and force positive change starting with the forgiveness of loans by the bank and the resignation of the finance minister. If he doesn't understand economics, he shouldn't be in office and if he does and is not making the important choices in favour of the people, then he is corrupt. Either way, refusing the immediate implementation of public banking and Social Justice's analysis of the new budget show very clearly that the people need to take matters back into their own hands. Do not follow guidelines that are intended to create sickness, dependency and destitution.

I heard that the test involves driving up to a place and one cotton bud being used to scratch the back of your throat for 10 seconds and then the same swob stuck up your nose?! Unless, you were born in a banana boat, you will know that you should never do that as there are different bacteria, filtering hairs, digestive enzymes at work in each orrifice. They might as well be sticking it in your ear and up your back side as well. Now I learn that everyone has to be traceable - except freight drivers: the very people who travel furthest, eat in any dodgy establishment that is open, don't wear masks, go in and out of businesses and circumnavigate several countries every week and are 100% guaranteed to be exposed and 100% most likely to not be doing their best to protect themselves and their families. The incongruence is tangible. Conversely, my friend who was the sole foot passenger on a boat trying to get home from the funeral of his grand father, who had not been able to see anyone in hospital after he broke his leg and deteriorated until his demise a couple of weeks later. Now that young man was grilled for 15 minutes by 5 gardai about why he was traveling. How are the ferries able to keep going? Oh the government have been subsidising them to continue export. What is that 10 or 20 massive boats every day, with maybe 30 staff, to facilitate the live export or animals and import of 'food'. But mainly, the crew member had said to him 'pharmaceuticals mainly' Ireland has Vizor and Merck and lots of big pharmaceutical factories and so a lot of freight is from them....

Yes, think about that for a moment. Irish Government paying for boats for the biggest, richest industries, for their most successful trade period in history. Supermarkets, pharma, meat bosses could absorb some of those supply chain costs I think. Like Larry Goodman for example who has 3 companies in Luxembourg, with no employees (really, not even one employee) and worth millions annually. And Merck who are facing massive lawsuits for their vaccines already and yet none of them pay any tax here. And yet, tax payers money went largely on funding keeping their businesses going. I know some people still think that pharmaceutical companies make medicines. There's lots of information to consider on that topic but I'll just give you one statistic: Receiving medical treatment was found to be the third highest global cause of death. They sponsor the hospitals, the doctors, the research. It is a closed shop and a profitable one too. They would dearly love to push a vaccine that governments will pay for and insist people have. Talk about creating market for your product. I live and learn.

We must not police each other and be divided. We (the 99%) must stand united and connected in our humanity against the government and power houses behind them using them as puppets. Don't leave anything to others!

Social Justice Budget Analysis

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