Tuesday, October 1, 2019

World Wide Fast Against Slaughter

Please make a stand for the animals, like Gandhi did, refusing to take food himself until the government acknowledged the plight that he was highlighting. Again it's on the 2nd October. I've been doing it for a number of years. And we want to stop all slaughter - the clue is in the word. Do you want to get to the pearly gates and explain how you were a part of it?

It's not that pigs are not fully gassed, before they're processed (chopped up, to you and I). It's not that the cows are fully conscious while they are hung upside down to be processed (throat cut, for you and I). It's not just the live export where all farm animals are transported (crammed in a trailer against their will and in a panic) for days without food or water.

It's not that calves are killed on arrival so their milk can be milked from their mothers and  distributed to human food and to coat human medicines. It is not that chickens are slaughtered in their millions and over a million die in transport each year. It is not that male chicks are either put through a mincer, via a conveyor belt alive and a few days old or the belt takes them straight into in bags that once full are tied up to gradually asphyxiate the birds.

 It is not that factories and meat plants are ripping off farmers, are non compliant to food safety, are shafting their workers, are non-compliant to basic welfare or humane slaughter legal requirements. It is not that all the animals are killed in front of each other in a terrifying procession of screaming and pain. It is not that some people want everyone to go vegan or stop eating meat and you don't have to answer to them.

I am asking if you yourself are okay with all this stuff that is happening to animals under the glib heading of necessity for food or they're only animals, they don't know or I can do what I want, eat what I want. My mother used to say 'don't care was made to care'. If you can't stop yourself eating convenience, cheap foods that exploited animals right here and people in other countries then you're going to get some hideous disease and then you'll have to care.

You'll be advised by a doctor to give up meat, avoid sugar and make sure nothing with chemicals further toxifies your body. The same doctor will give you a sugary sweet after chemo. The same doctor will prescribe you drugs (which are formally labelled chemicals), pills coated with another carcinogen casein from milk and those prescriptions will render your own immune system capable of nothing.

 Why wait and ask the very people who want you sick and dependent to help? Merck in Carlow want €5,000 per injection of throat cancer treatment. The government say 'Thanks Merck for coming to Ireland and you can be tax free for 12 years or whatever' In the same breath, the government has decided to tax and vat natural food supplements by 30% come November. (Probably putting the only ethical shops we have - health food shops - out of business. So if you wanted to boost your immune system or thyroid function or lower your cholesterol and aid your digestion with time-honoured tinctures and drinks from organically grown and hand prepared herbs, you soon won't be able to afford to do so.

Same goes for extinction rebellion. Surely there's no point trying to force Daddy, I mean the government and big industry to stop destroying the planet when they are the very ones doing it. And be careful what we wish for. One of Irish governments first big statements was to say that only electric cars be allowed by 2030 or whenever...I only know one rural person who has been able to afford an electric car so far. What are we all going to do? Illegal to drive our old cars, no way to get around. Doesn't it look like they want us to move into cities? Give up the food independence we have?

Doesn't it look like they want us to think smart cities are a great idea. Smart? A wilful misuse of energetic frequency is being perpetuated. Every watch and card will mean we're tagged and accounted for: Rolling out 5G with well-documented health consequences: Ravaging new quarries and children in different areas to source magnets and minerals for batteries and computer parts. Isn't it dodgy that extinction rebellion was started by two people from a telecommunications commercial enterprise. We are being manipulated. We need to do our own thing, our land can support us sustainably.
Petapixel's photo of wifi signals caught by long wave camera outside building .

Greta Thunberg herself is being manipulated. Of course she is innocent but consider the country she comes from. Sweden is one of the most controlled countries in the world. She is only talking about the bit, the powers that be want her to talk about. Children can't make anyone do anything. They're not even allowed to go out in the evening or drink a beer, let alone vote. They can learn how to grow, prepare and share though.

They can't even appeal to the better nature of companies or government. Government doesn't have a better nature. And children are not shareholders, they're collateral.

Collateral noun: "Something pledged as security for repayment of a loan, to be forfeited in the event of a default."
Collateral adjective: "additional but subordinate; secondary".

 It is only us, the responsible, capable adults who can really inform ourselves and be discerning in our actions. Not be fed a story. Why would you listen to Greta Thunberg but not DavidIke who has been investigating climate change and what has been unfolding for decades. Why is no one talking about geo-engineering. This is the only deliberate, climate affecting practice that we can actually see for ourselves, in streaks and more streaks across the sky and the soil and air degradation and pollution measured. Why aren't people asking for that to be stopped? 

David Icke Picture on Twitter

“If you want to change society in ways that you wouldn’t normally have an excuse to do then you find an excuse, it’s a technique of mass perceptual manipulation that I gave a name to a long long time ago. 
“‘Problem, reaction, solution’ – at stage one you create a problem, real or manufactured, you blame someone else or something else for it
“At stage 2 You want a reaction. You want a reaction from the public that is either A. do something or B. not against it strongly enough to say you mustn’t do it.
“And step number three is then offering the solution openly to the problems that you have either covertly created or lied about.
David Icke

So, I suggest plant your winter beans and detox your family of excess electro magnetic charge and wifi signals at night and organic raw foods by day to make it strong and recover the clarity to deal with what is actually happening. 

This detox for me has been the best prep ever for my fast tomorrow. Endless fruit and my own hazelnuts, homemade Ferrero Rocher, organic strawberry cheese cake (vegan raw obviously so sunflower seeds rather than cheese) and many organic pulses - mung beans and what I gather is most important, getting into the flow. 4 hours dancing totally did it, following the salsa leads at the Teachers Club and then learning new patterns and spin technique later in the Mezzo at Temple Bar. 

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