Sunday, December 9, 2018

Our Health Is Our Wealth...Our ill health is their wealth

Hi, I think what I would do, is give the benefit of the doubt to the tried and tested vaccines. Like with Polio, I would check that the vaccine is the same as it was when first devised, not a modern version, then look at the history of side effects recorded. Then look at the need for it; the prevalence and other founding factors to polio, to establish the risk and need at this time, in this context and the particular child and then say yes or no.  

Since I've been reading a little on HPV I've learned more basic concepts about how vaccines work, how they are trialled and how the results are recorded. The principle of injecting a micro version of a serious illness to trigger a reaction in the immune system is a massive stress to the body and massive unknown quantity as to how each body will respond, short and long term, so I'm completely against routinely vaccinating babies of 2 and 6 months old unless they're really in the firing line amidst an epidemic or major return of the illness in their peers. 

To use a horse jumping analogy, Isn't the key to hold the reins, analyse the 7 points, including your approach, your take off, look at the landing and your chance at getting away intact and weigh things up. 

I'm for decision making, choice and personal responsibility. 

Don't fall for the black and white thinking that the government would have us; some anti vaccination loonies versus some responsible pro vaccine citizens and professionals. We must not let ourselves to blinded to the valid questions, arguments and considerations around our health or, by mistake,overlook the changed motivations of politicians and medical producers. There is now a very sizeable amount of money, industry, jobs, agreements tied up with it rather than well wishes. 

Our health is our wealth...Our ill health is their wealth!!
In America, pharmaceutical companies have an overt mission statement: Have every citizen on an average of four prescription drugs, from cradle to grave. And now those pharmaceutical companies are moving here to Ireland. Wooing the government with money and jobs, testing on our animals, way beyond the regulations on misery you're allowed to and now pushing their sales targets. Meanwhile, we're still thinking well if the doctor says it's a good idea, we better had better do it.

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