Sunday, December 23, 2018

Healing Equation

From 100% pain to 100% healing in 4 weeks. But you have to do the internal work!

90% Healing I did in identifying the messages from the pain - using pendulum and energetic alignment and reframing. One hour every day, contemplating what is arising from past life trauma to cognitive dissonance to intentional work. Equally important was increasing my receptivity to receive amazingly kind care from people in my vulnerable state. Dinners and the fire lit or whatever you need, you have to let it happen and not stay determined that you are an island to yourself or don't want to be beholden or whatever blocks receptivity usually!
1% Osteopath - This could be something else but allowing yourself the hands on healing from someone you trust is crucial.
0.5% Kinesiology
2% Nutrition including what I made, choose and supplements
4% Gratitude Practice - Ten things written every day, first thing paying it forwards or looking back thankfully.
0.25% Homeopathy
2% Goddess Journey - cosmic, necessary surrender to higher force.
0.25% Kundalini surge Accepted

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