Tuesday, February 13, 2018

New Exhibition Opening Tomorrow at The Kitchen Cafe in Bray

Flying ahead with a new catering challenge and new exhibition, both at the Kitchen Café in Bray!

My great friend Omar Sherlock has invited me to come on up and tomorrow, for starters, I will bring veggie sausages and soya milk…two staples for any self respecting café offering the best breakfast in town! They probably already have them but  maybe not enough for my healthy appetite.

In the future, there may be a pop up vegan Sunday Lunch club or raw organic vegan meals on wheels or maybe a week’s supplies to distribute to those people transitioning to a plant based diet but for tomorrow…Valentine’s Day, it will be just the first expedition and the hanging of the paintings.

For a woman who has become a little cynical, it will not be obvious from the romantic collection I have put together to display at the café. I think there is room for four but I will bring a few different ones and see what goes best and where.

Home For The Summer

Looks Like Our Ships Are coming In



Seven Elephants

Autumn Walk

The Deer of County Clare

Reflections On The Dead Sea

A New Element For The Lioness

Dance it out!


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