Thursday, July 6, 2017

Jacking in Facebook

They say 'Everything is perfect just as it is'
But it is so difficult to feel that when one's thoughts fly to
'What about the homeless children and grown ups?
'What about all the animals, BPAs and pesticides in our food?'

I still get that, in a sense, everything is as it should be. What's more, every time I get that answer, all the hostility and stress goes out of my body. Everyone should try it as a sentence to meditate on. I really know, in those moments at least, that I am part of the solution, posing no resistance to positive change (where my disbelief had probably been blocking it), no resistance to the restoration of peace (where my upset was probably adding to the war of attrition, for starters). I am not saying that our sensitivity is bad or naive or couter productive though. Just to be clear, I believe our sensitivity is one of our core gifts, a part that is still expressing and searching for great love in this superficially defunct world.

What is even more exciting is the experience of liminality. This is the ability to be neither here nor there. I have been practicing presence - really being here for myself and really being there for others! - but this is brand new. It is the ultimate detachment.

As a highly responsive person, I don't know if I would have ever achieved this level of freedom if I hadn't taken this down time, fuelled by creativity. It is as if giving up Facebook even for this week has given me my soulful anchor back. Highly recommend that as well. And bring back letter writing... therein there is real joy and surprise!

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