Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Have Mercy and Hold Onto Your Humanity

Malik Slaughterhouse Report-Where they do not stun animals before cutting their throats

Stockport Slaughterhouse Exposure

What I don't understand is how people are okay with farming, fattening, milking, inseminating confined female animals with semen,  transporting them young, injured or healthy to be killed. Isn't it incogruous to put down a healthy animal?

My pigs Becky and Legend cannot reach their intimate regions to keep themselves clean so I sometimes give them a bath and lend some of my make-up remover organic cotton pads to clean any little scrapes or sensitive areas. The bottom of their feet is ticklish to the lightest of touches -seriously and a delicate stroke behind the ears ellicits an equally almost imperceptible squeak of pleasure and gratitude. If I really scratch their backs with a grooming brush, they will literally keel over to surrender to a full body rub down. And then as I have said befor, when I tell Becky I love her, she becomes rooted to the spot and gasps - in both surprise and as if she is coming up for air for the first time and getting a full breath of oxygen. Love is oxygen to them. It is oxygen to us.

So we shouldn't just not think about the animals behind the meat and dairy in the food chain. We shouldn't buy anything that has been tested on animals. Let yourself think of the pain that has been suffered. Being tied down to have soemething poured in your eyes or injected every day. Never seeing daylight Being forced to stand in your own excrement all your life and produce babies that you will not be allowed to feed or care for. It is like Ireland's old laundries and religious orders. It is like the concentration camps, ruthless continual violence. 93 million chickens a year, over 3 million pigs in Ireland alone. That is a lot of men perpetuating a lot of throat cutting. And farmers are not innocent in this either. They live by the use of animals. They are not guardians of our environment, 99% of them use chemicals indiscriminately to control and exploit the land and feed the animals the cheapest food.

But it is you the individual that I want to think. Farmers have a difficult choice and transition to make. We the consumer have only to be mindful and make sure we are not party to any suffering in the supply chains of what we buy. Surely no one would say that it is really okay to chop off the genitals and then wash them down with chemicals and then put in a burger or pie. But that is what we are condoning. In meat factories there are pallet upon pallet of pizzles- the latin word for penis. Could be bulls', could be horses' - let go of the grey areas in your choices and hold on to your humanity.

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