Sunday, January 1, 2017

5 Minutes A Day Guide To A Positive and Healthy 2017

I hope to deliver some information that could come in handy! Namely, it will be a guide how to make 2017 a good year. Some people are just rolling with the punches at this stage or holding on tight to a financial toe-hold of a job and I congratulate everyone on their resourcefulness. But give yourself just five minutes every day on this curious wellbeing experiment and I bet you 50 cent you will uncover a wealth of tricks and tools for supporting yourself, mentally, emotionally and physically. You can probably guess that I’m going to ask you to develop a new attitude that is hopeful, constructive and reflective. Next thing you know, you’ll be expected to show loving kindness to all sorts of difficult people who do not deserve it and before long, I’ll be suggesting that you grow your own food and adopt a zero waste lifestyle!

All this mindfulness might crop up but I promise to go easy on you and start with manageable exercises that will get your attention and generate a flow of interest and energy towards your life. So today I want you to look at the entrance to where you live and make one improvement. It could be shaking out the doormat, setting a timer so a light comes on just before you get home to welcome you or watering the pot plant. Also notice what comes into your mind as you approach home. Many people have stopped really looking at their surroundings as each observation had started to feel like a criticism or another thing to do! Let’s get the looking and noticing back but this time accompanied with a sense of having a secret mission. That mission is to find out how you tick, get major perspective and generate a warm feeling in your chest.

I won’t run wild and call it love or gratitude. But the skill is to replace the hollow or stressed condition that you might discover has been your predominant or default position. This awareness and mastery of your thoughts is a crucial skill everyone needs to learn. This is firstly because until we do, we are at the mercy of our old ideas and habits. Also there is reason to believe that thoughts are self-fulfilling prophecies, on the basis that what you think about comes about. Therefore, don’t let your mind go on about this or that, however true or justified. How do you find your way out? I usually set a new question that redirects the mental activity, for example, what was the best thing that happened so far today? It might be as simple as getting through New Year’s Eve without too much of a hangover or although the hangover was terrible, you have managed to live to see another day!

This ability to reframe situations in a different way is another great skill people will need this year. Even in the most dire of circumstances, you will come to pride yourself in seeing the unexpected gift of the experience. In my concerted effort, down the years, to avoid the inevitability created by cynicism, I have actually been called the Queen of the Positive Spin. Actually, I think that could be my title for this daily message to the nation! So good luck getting that flow coming in your front door and let’s see what it brings.

You might be thinking, she talks the talk but did she walk the walk today? In answer, yes! I tidied everything away from outside Harmony Hall's front door, swept the path, washed the car, washed the front door and weeded the winter beans. The energy literally raced into the house once invited and put several little plans in motion. That included writing this in the style of a newspaper column, on the off chance some editor is looking for a lifestyle writer!

None of us know what will be the butterfly effect or repercussions of our actions but for what it's worth my new year's resolution is total mastery of thought, word and body. That will definitely involve the multi-dimensional development of yoga, the synergy of salsa, the steadying pace of meditation and the upift of music but it might also call for a return to the Kung Fu. Not just because martial arts are epic, they're also the epitome of mental and physical discipline and just might provide the power and forward motion, to implement and scale up the positive impact on others. 

I would love to hear what other intentions people have set and of course hope for the best! 

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