Friday, September 16, 2016

Suzanne Jarvie, Chris Brown, Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr Concerts coming up this month!

The Suzanne Jarvie Tour 21st September to 5th October 2016! - with special guests Chris Brown, Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr.

Concert at Harmony Hall

I know they have several more major venues around Ireland lined up...but Harmony Hall Kilkenny on 25th September and The Royal Valentia, Kerry on Saturday 1st October are two that are just blowing my mind. I've decided to share one or another video every day so everyone is ready, come the dates!
Chris Brown and Kate Fenner - Whoever Built This Would Not Live Here
This is a groovy track but makes a serious point about the corporate ruin of pristine remote areas.

Suzanne Jarvie Lawyer and Musician 

Do people even know Suzanne Jarvie is a leading human rights lawyer as well as a brilliant songwriter? Amazing inside and out! This is my current favourite of Suzanne hers - "...from the atom to the sun, from the many to the one" I just love that. So, yes, several great venues but Harmony Hall on 25th Sept and the Royal Hotel, Valentia on Saturday 1st October! Yeah!
Suzanne Jarvie - Never Gonna Stop

Tony Scherr Session Bassist and Guitarist for The Greats

Almost unbelievably, Tony Scherr, guitarist and bassist on Nora Jones' and Ani De Franco's albums and who has played for countless greats like Lou Reed ... and is the most in demand session musician in New York as we also coming with Suzanne Jarvie, Chris Brown and Kate Fenner. Yes, that is to several great venues from the 21st to the 5th October but the ones I'm quite literally over the moon about, would be the matinee at Harmony Hall on Sunday the 25th September and then them playing at The Royal on Valentia Island evening of the 1st October. This track I found is Tony Scherr playing one of my all time favourite songs by Chris Brown. 'Consciousness is a lonely place, without the hand of grace' So true!

Tony Scherr plays Willing, by Chris Brown

And it is something I was thinking about yesterday with a disillusioned client. She said that she didn't believe in spiritual welfare, energy clearing or healing anymore. I found myself pointing out that we don't have any other choices. Those things amount to simply living consciously; doing our best to meet situations with as much perspective and compassion as possible and decide how to respond from there. The only other option is unconsciousness; drink, medication, the telly, food, which incapacitate us even further. We've got to try and stay conscious and can I just say, this music really helps make the journey worthwhile!

Hugh Christopher Brown Social Justice Activist and Musician

Finally, here is the special treat of several songs, recorded by Chris Brown to support the environmental effort to stop the laying of a pipe for crude oil across Dakota sacred lands and threatening the water defenders and media with automatic weapons with live ammunition. Bit like the CAS bridge in Kilkenny, the motorway in Clare and the fracking in Mayo - Thank God our gardai are not armed but let's stick together as activists and come and see them play in Kilkenny 22nd (Cleeres) and 25th (Harmony Hall) September in Kilkenny and 1st October in the Royal Hotel on Valentia Island, Co. Kerry. 
 Chris Brown sings Burden of Belief and other tracks to support Dakota defenders from Oil Pipe Laying Devastation 

Here are a few more dates and details but there are other dates in Dublin and Cork I know that I must find out about and share then!!

Dates and Venues

The following shows in the UK & Ireland have been confirmed and more will be added soon:
Thursday 22nd September John Cleere's Bar & Theatre, 9:00 PM
28 Parliament Street, Kilkenny.
353 56 776 2573
Tickets: €12

Friday 23rd VISUAL Centre for Contemporary Art and The George Bernard Shaw Theatre, Carlow, 8:00 PM
Old Dublin Road
Carlow R93 A3K1
+353 59 917 2400
Tickets: €10.00…

Sunday 25th Private House Concert, Co Kilkenny 6pm
(for info:
Tuesday 27th September Private Event - House Concert - Co. Monaghan (for info: "Kieran Mc Guigan" )
Friday 30th September The White Horse
West Village, Ballincollig, Co. Cork, Ireland
Phone: +353 21 487 1388
Tickets: €13.36…

Saturday 1st October Royal Hotel Valentia Island,
in the footsteps of the jedi council on the Skelligs - 10pm

Monday October 3rd - Ballymore Acoustic Gigs - BAG Mick Murphy's Bar, Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare.
Tickets: €12
Back in the UK! London
Wednesday October 5th Bonanza & Son Presents An Evening with Hugh Christopher Brown & Suzanne Jarvie + Special Guests Luther Wright & Miss Emily

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