Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Coming To Love The Music for The Suzanne Jarvie Tour

Getting to Know 

Another few day's tracks to get people ready for the Suzanne Jarvie Tour!

Well I hope my friends who demonstrated to protect Kilkenny and my veggie friends too are going to come with me and see this lady sing because when she's not singing she is head of the ethical council for lawyers in Toronto - 'keeping them in line' was the expression Chris Brown used and he'll be playing with her.

Legal Ethics Council, what a revelation that will be 

Do we even have an ethical council overseeing our lawyers here or do they just do what they want for the biggest client? I am hoping we can get some tips on how to get some social justice happening! I can guarantee that you will like what these guys have to say and love their music.
Harmony Hall this Sunday and the Royal Hotel Valentia Island at 10pm 1st October are the dates I am on a high about but if you come to the Cleeres gig on Thursday or the George Bernard Shaw gig on Friday, I might also see you there.

I can confirm that these are albums that you can have in your car for six months and still hear something new each time. And don't get me started about Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr who are traveling with them. When you start to explore their music and adventures, you will be on a buzz too that they are on their way to tour Ireland.

Suzanne Jarvie, Title Track and Video for Spiral Road

Chris Brown

The situation is that there are very few songs as brilliant as Chris Brown's Superior but you might still be worried. How could he recreate it live, as it seems to be formed as a wonderful dialogue between two real human beings? Fret not, Kate Fenner is coming too who sings the second part! They are on their way from Toronto this week and playing in London Wednesday but to be heard in Kilkenny on Thursday evening in Cleeres. Several great dates happening around - from the famous White Horse, Ballincollig, Cork to Monaghan but best of all, there's Harmony Hall this Sunday and the Royal Hotel, Valentia Island on the 1st October. Suffice to say prepare yourselves for Suzanne Jarvie, Chris Brown, Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr. This is another article inspired by this song anyway! 

Huffington Post Article  

 Lake Superior by Chris Brown

Kate Fenner

This was last Sunday's track. It might be hard to believe but Kate Fenner is also coming. I love the fact that her voice has been described as 'a national treasure' and that they have all been friends for so many years and albums. You will even see Chris Brown and Tony Scherr in the background of this video playing away and standing around! I gather she first sang with Suzanne Jarvie a couple of years ago in New York City and that was probably where the plan was hatched to all tour Ireland together. Yes, that's including Harmony Hall (Total experience but bear in mind that there are a limited amount of tickets as it is not exactly an arena setting!), Cleeres Kilkenny, Carlow, Waterford, Cork, The Royal Hotel, Valentia Island 1st October, Galway, Dublin, Monaghan - and London. It's probably a life saver that they are all amazing singers - Chris Brown even gets into Eddie Veder territory on 'Aint Missed It Yet' as they have quite a few back to back dates!  

Never Done by Kate Fenner 

I had to chose Suzanne Jarvie's Love Is Now for Saturday's track to get to know. Just can't resist any insight that brings us back to the present moment. 'Love's fingerprints are on my skin, don't dust them off, let me in, so I can prove that love is now, no imminent or potential, it's torrential, love is now.'
I gather that Suzanne Jarvie became a lawyer for the sheer independence of it, not wanting to rely on anyone. I'd say we have all felt like that. But then through a terrible ordeal suddenly diverted off to follow her dream of playing music. 

Suzanne Jarvie

Love is Now by Suzanne Jarvie 

In the interview that I was just listening to as well, I thought what a good thought for the day:
Whatever is going on right now, don't feel guilty about taking it as a chance to follow your dream. As a lawyer, dusting for fingerprints has a very different, criminal connotation but she seems to be able to turn what is bad into something really good!
Chris Brown produced her album and he, Kate Fenner and Tony Scherr will all be here, recreating the fantastic harmonies and magic. Literally at Harmony Hall at a matinee 4pm 25th September and the Royal Hotel Valentia Island 10pm Saturday 1st October. Although these are the two dates I am completely hyped about, I can also mention Cleeres, Kilkenny City Centre on thursday 22nd September. Such a great venue too, I saw Aidan Knight in there last night, another Canadian, and they were mesmerizing. Also, Suzanne Jarvie and co will play at the George Bernard Shaw Centre in Carlow on Friday 23rd Sept.

Support Veggie Bands in Veggie Venues

George Bernard Shaw was a leading-the-way vegetarian. I have his brilliant book of letters where he seemed to write to everyone he knew, about the importance of living harmlessly. Chris Brown is a long time on this train of thought too, so I hope we can get all Kilkenny vegans and vegetarians out to join forces and be heartened by these brilliant musicians!

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