Monday, July 18, 2016

Vegan, Chemical-free Ready Meals - Weekly box scheme for Kilkenny Carlow started today!

Vegan Ready Meals

What an exciting day today - the first week's box of vegan ready meals went out.

The Complete Freedom Stir Fry Soy Not Oi 2 Cookbook - page 75

Radical Lentil Chowder Soy Not Oi 2 Cookbook page 103

Carrot, Ginger and Orange Muffins Soy Not Oi 2 cookbook page 203

Spelt Sandwich with Humous

Spelt Sandwich with Mushroom Pate

Rice Crispy Cakes

Chia Seed Crackers Soy Not Oi 2 cookbook page 203

5 pack lunches for €20

I didn't have time to get merchandise together so I used my Healing by Franc business cards and scribbled out 'Franc' and wrote in 'Food'. 'Healing by Food' seemed like a good enough brand name for vegan, mainly organic products. Then someone pointed out that maybe I should have scratched the 'Healing' instead and called it 'Foods by Franc'.

Either way, the priority is to make the meals and freeze them. I want to establish the box scheme for those in the Co. Kilkenny and Carlow area who are transitioning to a plant-based diet. I heard that lunches are often the difficulty, as once you get home to your own kitchen in the evening, you can cook yourself. Many people are destined for crisps and peanuts as their midday sustenance. I know that I was for a few years and still on road trips, they call out to me as my snacks of choice!

The other people that the box scheme might suit  are those that have vegan children for health and allergy reasons and people who are exploring a plant-based diet themselves but who still have to live with a non-vegan family.

I know this is the time to start the brand. I hear that within two years, there is going to be a massive demand for plant based, chemical free nutrition. There are some lovely foods around, like meat substitutes by Moodley Meats, Danette's Magic humous and pestos, Linda McCartney sausage rolls and sausages, Natasha's Living Foods and the Happy Pear brand. I also love Plamil (their logo is a polar bear which says it all about their environmental values). But there is room for more, lots more, vegan food availability, lots more cooking classes, recipe ideas, nutritional information and support. As everyone will know, I would like to make plant-based food the norm and halt the exploitation of animals once and for all. So it is about facilitating that in as many ways as possible.

Thanks as well to the organic vegetable box scheme from which I am getting my ingredients. What a moment to start! For soon there will be a glut of tomatoes and green beans and I will be ready to transform whatever comes my way in this abundant season for a year's worth of good tasty meals, the mineral and vitamin profile frozen in time to activate when they're eaten.

The happy start involves my first customer being a food technical manager from a corporate. I think this could mean two things. An avenue for serious expansion in future plus a standard of food safety and quality that I could stand by and build a business on.

Please spread the word and contact me if you would like to try the scheme 083 144 3978


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