Saturday, July 2, 2016

Poor Americans - Not just force-fed but also to be injected now with pesticides

California Passes Bill For Mandatory Vaccinations

C-Ching for the pharmaceutical companies and early death guaranteed for the r
esidents. What will they do with those that refuse? In Australia they cut their family support but I don't think they offer any family support in America anyway.

 I will attach my favourite 'ingredients list' of what's in vaccinations so people can see how savage this new law is. 

Vaccination Ingredients and Their Effects

Yes, it includes Borax (pesticide) Formaldehyde, Mercury (second most toxic substance on the planet) and many more….but also spare a thought for the pointless animal testing that precedes these products. None of them will last long enough to prove that a vaccine works. Oh yes and the animal ingredients - cells from an african green monkey, chick embryos, pig gelatine and many more but I can't find the complete list just this list, which is damming enough More ingredients and how they're derived.

And spare a thought for the countless people suffering from vaccination repercussions. You will never have seen such pain as in this girl and I hope you never will. 

Excruciating Pain and Damage For Life Caused by Vaccines

So what I'm saying is demonstrate immediately or move away but do not do this to yourselves.

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