Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Meditation at Harmony Hall this weather

I suppose the big question is, could the meditation garden be any more beautiful or enjoyable? 

I found these before and after pictures of the bank

Below is a shot of the cleared corner where a small car and much baling twine had been - still is in parts, but the gear stick has been liberated and the steering wheel may have to remain as a feature! At least one can look straight into that magic cave and the stream meanders as it looked like it wanted to

I particularly wanted to get a picture up of my first attempt at a wicker panel … just in case I must dismantle it and start afresh tomorrow, as it might be deemed a bit of a bodge, even with the decorative ivy trim! The thing is even though I read up on it and gave it some thought and a full week's soaking, only one willow whip actually bent around the frame without breaking. So I just pinned the ends and called it a success. My buddhist thoughts book mentioned how ivy strangles the trees so I got all that out too…but used a strand of its ever green foliage to create a decorative trim!

So all that stone, stone work, hardcore, clearing and mortaring didn't just appear out of nowhere. Magic helped by holding a meditative space: 

Mark played a harmonious soundtrack:

And the hardcore stonework and vision:

I have been central in moving stones around to a better vantage point; all the ones with the best faces near at hand. Currently its about taking stones and roots out of the beds and planting anything that might flower or is flowering right there!

And keeping things going/growing in other parts of the garden…in the new raised beds. Some might spot these as the repurposed geodome!

And keeping things going/growing in the house too. Yes, that's a money plant and tulips and daffodils from the garden and a menagerie of animal spirit guides. That is my idea of a balanced life style, welcoming in good luck, happiness and growth via any dimensional avenues that they might arrive - sacred geometry, the infinite organizing power of nature, the good will and all that energy of the animals towards Harmony Hall as a vegan best effort at harmless living sort of a household. Also the wisdom of the Desiderata where it says enjoy your achievements as well as your goals. Picking flowers from your own garden and enjoying them a second time round indoors, are achievements in my book. Present moment flowerings of consciousness to be enjoyed regardless of their fleeting nature…or not guaranteed success (as in the thriving money plant having not yet translated directly into an easy income stream for yours truly!)

Having said that, 2016 is a time to fortify and anchor your soul and then express that joy - Not let the bastards get you down basically!

To this end, on went the ELO vinyl, out came the wine and then off we all went to the Rhythm and Roots festival in Kilkenny. 

I kept coming home but kept going out again. It feels like a new freedom and energy to go out on the town. 

These were Richmond Fontaine: absolutely brilliant gig.

Usually I would be busy making myself useful here, putting pen to paper for some pressing cause. Now I've momentarily remembered that its the conscious, compassionate and peaceful participation that will win the day not just the struggle to stand one's ground and get empowered enough to defend others as well. I'm staying with the good feelings today and I will report back if I get any better results than my countless letters to editors, politicians, planning departments and anyone else on a mad exploitation mission, who I often can't resist writing to. I like to at least have said 'We've noticed what you're up to and you do not have agreement to go ahead!' 

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