Friday, April 22, 2016

Big chance to stop the torture of animals in laboratories

4 million animals in laboratories but still no cures for cancer, parkinsons or anything else

4 million animals in scientific experiments each year, 75% of them medical. 50 catastrophic failures of animal tested-drugs leading to human deaths are given as evidence that animal testing isn't a parallel to the human body's system. Please join the push to ask politicians to actually hear the scientific evidence and stop this disproved, archaic, barbaric, torturous, heartbreaking human-perpetuation of a living nightmare for so many little lives, that want to live.

Illnesses and Products are Our Choices, Animals Have No Choice

 They're not the ones who want to ponce about with shampoo or scrub everything with bleach or lie in the sun until they are burnt, hairless and coated only in sun tan lotion. We get our illnesses as a result of our choices. Animals are literally strapped down daily and inflicted with them manually. Reflect on it for a sec, is there anything more sick? Please scientists and directors too, ask yourselves is testing on animals really right. Is it really working. John Carmody​ of ARAN reminded me that behind all these roles there is a person with a beating heart and therefore the potential to care about what they are doing and be educated as to what harmless alternatives are totally possible.

Ask Government to Hear the Medical Evidence 

Lets push for government to hear the evidence in Ireland too. I know I'm always quoting this statistic but its grim and still might not be known to all. The use of animals in experiments has gone up 800% in the last 5 years and 80% of that is commercial…meaning that it is just to validate products, not even pretending to advance medical science. That can only be because Ireland is not only seen as a tax haven it is also understood as a place where complete abuse and exploitation of people and animals is completely tolerated, accepted and even welcomed. I still have a few post codes up my sleeve so I can take part in the english movements - using  IP7 4EJ and changing the last 3 digits/letters should work - but perhaps Avaaz​ might set up a wider petition with this information and expand the impact? Thanks a million!

 Scientific decision to refuse Primate Laboratory at Cambridge University

50 failures of medicines tested on animals that lead to human death

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