Friday, September 11, 2015

Looking For A Cure For What We Are Doing To Ourselves

In this interview, I ask Freya Lawton from The Peace Intention what is the link between healing and awareness. She specifies two keys:
Recognize what is going on and
Recognize what is not working for you personally.
She says that the powers that be have no good in mind for us. We are laboring under a misapprehension. It will take some time to come to terms with the reality that every system in place, food and medicine included, have a different priority, which is profit. Using the example of the supermarket, where there is a tiny shelving section labelled 'health food', she asks what does that say about the rest of the food in the place? Even if we grant that initially the intention of supermarkets might have been motivated by good objectives; to provide food that will last a long time and be cheap and available. This does not detract from the fact that most food products are now toxic. There include preservatives, taste enhancers, vegetables that have been sprayed and sprayed and sprayed, with pesticides and herbicides. Animals have been fed continual antibiotics to fight off sicknesses, from being raised in closed quarters. Briefly looking at the water system, she mentions how flagrantly our fresh water reserves are contaminated with fracking and other industry. The fluoridation of drinking water has been passed off as strengthening to our teeth but actually fluoride causes calcification of the pineal gland, leading to total suppression of our faculties and accompanying fear. It was the same with the advent of the energy saving light bulbs that everyone was encouraged to get. They are full of dangerous chemicals and even when they are working, they release low frequency energy waves. Get rid of them, Freya recommends, safely and at once. The connection to motor neuron degeneration, cancers, depression and anxiety are all well documented.

I asked Freya then, why do governments do the exact opposite of what the public want? I pointed to the millions demonstrating in London and beyond how definitely people didn't want the war in Iraq or Shell to drill in the Arctic, Mayo or Nigeria for that matter. The Chinese are still cutting down Rainforest, 2 areas the size of Portugal in recent weeks. Every country has done its share of damage and made its choices but why, even when people are aware and united for the good. She explained how governments have a different agenda, as the political arm of multi-national corporations and must do the will of those companies. So there is massive profit in war, in terms of weapons, so that is allowed. There is no profit in displaced people, so refugees are refused entry. Governments do not have the will or the power probably to resist.

So which is it, I asked, do they want us alive as consumers and slaves in their production industries OR are they trying to kill us off? She said that there is all three going on. There is a deliberate de-population, a deliberate de-humanization and a deliberate de-stabilization of people, countries and climate. We discussed how even on our birth certificates, there is reference to our individual potential Net Value of our taxation, during our lifetime and the Net Value of our existence as a consumer. We are all registered on the stock market as products of our countries! Things have got worse, however, as technology is so advanced now that people are no longer needed. In areas like science, where people are still used, the scientists are given such a myopic goal to accomplish and have such a narrow grasp of the bigger picture, that however brilliant they may be, they are more of a liability to humanity than an asset.

How do we re-empower ourselves was my next question, seeing as being upset, vegan, an environmentalist, or other ways of trying harder for change, weren't working for people? Freya outlined how we need to turn away from the financial system of lifetime slavery to meaningless work, the education system that teaches us to deny our  compassion and the food system which relies on our ignorance and addictions. We have to combat the ultimate suppression of our humanity by going out and helping someone, by learning something new like how to grow your own food and learning tools so that we can participate powerfully. To explain further the idea of tools, Freya used the example of a pen that can either be used to write a love poem or to kill someone. Energetic tools can, as well, equip us to use technology as an amplification of what we want to say. This is taking back our power from being a mere recipient of what we see on television or read on the internet. Decide what you consider important and are passionate about and transmit that.

Do not trust that credible information is given by institutions, however well meaning, don't let it guide your opinions. We can use these energetic, humane, compassionate and clarified faculties, as well, to establish what information has shown up to guide you and what information has appeared to sell you something you don't want! Its about discernment. So far, true meaning has been replaced with meaningless stuff and people have also been denied the time, space and opportunity to care for each other or themselves. The main thread and guidance is to free oneself from current limited understanding and develop a compassionate and creative independence. Your own philosophy and way of life will then attract others, its already happening world over and a new reality will be born. But old structures and institutions must fall and that can only happen if we withdraw our dependence on them.

Stop looking for a CURE for what we are doing to ourselves. Prevention is so much more obvious and remains in our own hands. In simple terms, don't give away your humanity and self esteem, stop buying the toxic food and junk to fill the void that's left.

If you want to download the brilliant and free guidebook to these exact tools for clearing away conflict on the inside and outside, find and/or book a session via skype with Freya Lawton or myself, Frances Micklem, at

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