Monday, August 24, 2015

"We are not the same but equal!" Here its just us but also check out the new film 'Unity' of the same theme

This was Rebecca's first day here. She arrived sitting in a wheelie bin, to my shock! So what's the story you might well ask?! It all started on a big night out in Kilkenny, we eventually hit the Playwright Pub, Pat Lenihan you might remember it? So some people get asked out for a drink, some get overlooked, because of companions more beautiful…I got the straight out offer of a pot belly pig. I said yes at once but that was months ago.

Over this summer of B&B guests I had a realization that people come to love animals that they know. The guests that stay here absolutely love Cupid, Don Juan, Magic and all. Often the young ones are crying when they leave. I suddenly realized that I need to have a pig, a cow or two, a sheep and a chicken as friends around Harmony Hall too so that this can be a place where everyone can meet as equals and bond. So I drove around again, looking for the house and I was glad that I did. I found her in complete disgrace having dug up a bit of new hedging and she had been confined ever since.

I just left the little slalom course in the patch for her to show her sharp wits. She went for it but I was amazed by her next move. I had sacrificed the strawberry patch as there had not been many and said to myself that if I had time I would move the plants. When I went out with evening food, she had dug up every one and left them intact with roots and a little soil for replanting. What a great little gardener she is! I must admit I did only come in now having harvested my own potatoes in complete darkness, in case she got there first! I could hear her outside the dome, rustling around and backing into her wheelie bin with hay for her lie down! What a beauty and all the other animals love her too thank goodness.

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