Saturday, September 7, 2013

Be who you really are, not just a slightly distracted and vague version!

Today is a day for an almost imperceptible rebellion. It can go on inside. Decide not to reduce your energy and momentum, whatever happens. You will notice how often an ambush comes: A few thoughts of things you 'should' do: A few feelings of 'guilt' at your own unwillingness to do them. A few 'irritations' at other's requests and a handful of other 'aggravations' to your peace of mind...if not a complete day under attack, where you do not even get your head over the parapet. I, for one, am taking a leaf out of John Martyn's book. Troubled he might have been but he instinctively did not comply. He knew that he himself was the absolute authority on what he should do, what music he should play, what record label to sign to, what track list to perform to best express what he wanted to say. Plus total conviction that it was worth saying. I recommend working on the expression of the most authentic you, you can reach, from now on. I'm not suggesting a new contrariness with everyone you meet. I am saying to dig deep. No longer ask 'what is called for' in any given situation, just continue being yourself. Stride forward knowing that you are always in the right place at the right time. At most, still observe how your personality and presence affects others, but don't try and change anything. As soon as you step away from what you were doing, you are soon ungrounded. Once ungrounded, its a short step to becoming unhinged and then a very small step to being beside yourself! Avoid this escalating helical and reclaim and preserve your peace of mind.

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