Sunday, May 19, 2013

Why not try forgiveness...unless you have a better idea!

I know it looks like a meeting of the wise white hedgehogs of old but, today, they've come together to share what they know, as pendulums!

Further explanation on a lack of forgiveness being the root of all problems:

Finding out that we ourselves are responsible for everything that happens to us is supposed to be empowering!! Don't go out of your way to persuade me or yourself that your illness or injury is particularly un precedented or definitely caused by some external factor. Don't hold on to an idea of injustice, that you or your loved one is particularly innocent and couldn't have deserved such suffering.

...These are perspectives that are barking up the wrong tree. Instead, if your pendulum also gives you a 'yes' to unforgiveness being the root of all disease, then explore it. Surely it is worth at least asking 'am I holding on to any grievances?' 'Is there someone I can forgive right now to free up my own health?' Just go through the motions and clear until the pendulum stops. Better than arguing it out or dismissing it out of hand, just do it and feel good about it. Why not!

Another experiment for the day is to try and perceive without thinking. Can you give something your full attention without judging it? Being present like this is the greatest gift of love you can offer...with the added bonus, for you perfectionists out there, that it brings you ten steps closer to synergy with your horse, your car, your partner or your musical instrument etc. No more power struggles, just beaming with flow!

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