Friday, May 17, 2013

Coming Ashore

I am delighted to announce that I have come ashore from the mother ship, Harmony Hall. I intend to relax on terra firma for a full three weeks, writing here every time that I come across something new or crucial. First some acknowledgements though.

What struck me before I even set off was thank God for my unbelievable neighbours. I had the defender packed up and then it wouldn't start. Simon Carroll stopped and gave me a lift to Gowran and back. His understanding of it all was:' If you can't help a neighbour, what good are you?' What a generous attitude. Hope he got to where he was actually going in time, to help the cows calf!

Dear Sally Ann who tried to feed the horses the first morning only to find one missing. So kind to keep an eye and feed Windy up to max fortitude again.

James and Kate Powell totally provided instant happiness and sanctuary for Windy who had suddenly grazed off his whole patch and needed new pastures and a safe place to be...after his relationship issues.
A thoroughbred gelding of 23 years was never going to win a power struggle and he just couldn't impart an understanding that we're all brothers and sisters, in time!

Ann Mullins who found out where I lived and like an angel arrived up there. Very happy to collect Don Juan and Cupid and their vast array of vegan dog dietary requirements, hot water bottles and bedding. So I could perfect the house for the people staying without them running amuck and undoing it again.

Liz and Gary Davies who came with their great little horse lorry and collected Tiny. I was worried that the journey might have to be vetoed as Tiny initially sat down in the box. Liz said simply 'She will work it out'. She totally did and relaxed and travelled well and arrived safely.

That is the confidence we need to have in each other and ourselves: Sure, nothing is very difficult, we will work it out!

You might be wondering how I measure up as a neighbour? My contribution is usually ambient but constant...keeping and expanding a good atmosphere. However, I did help Heike get her ducks back from my stream to their enclosure yesterday too! It was only a small and highly entertaining incident but  still gave me great pleasure as Heike and Klaus have been like no.1 technical support for me for ten years!

So go ahead and enjoy your neighbors, share and help when you get a chance. Its all part of the magic.

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