Sunday, April 28, 2013

How to handle the meeting between spirited and dispirited

There once was a spirited horse called Tiny who arrived at a new home, aged 22. She had feet the size of side plates and she loved to stride out in an epic outline at any opportunity. She found her new companion to be frustratingly dispirited. She didn't want to pick on him but he just seemed to need a push on. Both were playful horses a week ago, but in combination the joy was gone. Very often this situation is experienced as bullying but its not. The joy goes because there is fear on both sides. The same happens between people; encouragement is construed as pushy and sensitivity is seen as a weakness. Everyone holds divisive perspectives and may even be on the case about noticing and clearing them. More important again, though, is that happiness be restored. It is the only feeling that attracts and creates great immediate and future experiences. Having tuned in to what might be needed, I gather its simply space. Make sure to give yourself this and your nearest and dearest and all will be well!

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