Thursday, April 4, 2013

A small but important difference

When it comes to soul loss there are a couple of key things to bare in mind. For many, it doesn't just happen once; on some fateful day, tragedy strikes or the deal breaker occurs. No, it is much more regular than that. Every time you return to your family's town. Every time you have a glass of wine. Every time you sit through a meeting at work with a handful of people still wrestling with a power struggle. Even when you apply yourself to the welfare of others, your soul can be compromised...indeed exchanged!...for the return of theirs. There are various symptoms that your will to live has left the building. For example, pressure in your head. Its easy to own the pain or upset and understand it via a story about your own life. You might say this or that happened. This is NOT one of the ways to get your soul back! Trying to make external changes, like avoiding people or situations also doesn't help. Nor keeping busy or trying to maintain a positive attitude! However, there are two things that retrieve your soul every time. Firstly self regard. Value that little spark of life that is you. Internally visit hell, the lost soul department and ego and collect the fragments. Assimilate them. Gently acknowledge how uncomfortable if might feel to accept them back and then relish the coherence of being back in one piece! Secondly, get creative. Create a bridge back to you by playing music, painting, gardening and dancing. Thereby, you prepare yourself physiologically to receive your soul back. The basic tenet being open up to the infinite organizing power of nature for recovery and growth. Do not close down and retreat to a darkened room with an overload of technology...however tempting. Over time, you might teach, or at least encourage your soul to stick around!

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