Sunday, October 23, 2011

Twin Flames

About now, my flight to London was taking off. I’m not on it, due apparently to money limitations, but looking out at the gale force winds, I think a higher being may have my back! I am grateful for that. I will dress up warm in a minute and go dragging fallen trees up from the wood. Stef has said he’ll chop the lot, in exchange for half. The first step towards a cosy winter, self sufficiency style.

I had visitors this week who were like a breath of fresh air to my soul. Like me, they were bubbling with excitement, trepidation and gratitude. Already, two and a half thousand years ago, Plato was on about an initial division of souls on this linear plane. As lifetimes go by and lessons are learnt, the possibility of true unity returns, in the form of your twin flame. They can be recognized by a strong desire to be in each other’s company and intense feelings of friendship, love and physical desire. Even then, this relationship won’t last unless each person has reached a strong sense of self and has a developed awareness of the spiritual purpose of the union. Basically, gone beyond ego.

In preparation, I have included Kwan Yin in my panoply of spiritual consultants. I am doing her meditations from the pleiadian tantra workbook. For those who know the constellation the seven sisters? Connect your chakras, each to one of them via an infinity symbol, then your soul to the sun, then your creation rings (three above your head) to Sirius and your earth rings (three below your feet) to the earth star crystal and then just vibe out for half an hour. This is a classic for remembering your connection to source and all things and your creative force, as a result!

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