Thursday, October 13, 2011

A season, the magic and back to the silence

Our emotional lives are electrifying, tinging every moment with joy, exhileration and expectation or sadness and more turbulent waves. Yet we usually relate our stories to each other in practical terms. We bypass the moment by saying something like we had a hard day because someone was out of order...we’re stressed because we don’t have enough money. By then, we have given our experience away, given something outside ourselves the very key to our well being, chosen to take the old role of a small victimized individual, vulnerable to every passer by...and to cap it all, we have identified completely with what we think is happening.

When you identify with something, you have lost touch with your feelings, your intuition and your objectivity. You’ve met a feeling, harmless in itself and ITS NOT YOURS. But you attach it to a story line in your own life situation and assume its your own feeling. (eg I feel angry, ...oh I know! that’s because so and so did such and such. We might refer to that morning or even back to childhood!). In fact, that feeling you were having was only a sensitivity to a collective feeling that’s bandying around your environment! Then you make a decision to hold on to it. Adding ideas like its yours, its true, its the way things are, its who you are. More often, we reject it and think its really not who we are! We wage an offensive on ourselves, saying this isn’t who I am. I’m strong and generous, I’m not an angry or hurt person. By doing this we are adding another layer of victimization and alienation. We are saying something has MADE me a lesser person. Instead, stop identifying with and personalizing every feeling. Just notice them and say to yourself ‘this isn’t yours or mine’ and let them pass.

As we accrue more and more infirmation...there’s a freudian slip if I ever saw one! ... anyway where was I? When we accrue more and more information like this we get fat, we go into overwhelm and one way or another we get sick. And then, fantastically foolishly, we talk about that! We only want to address that! Oh yes, maybe a doctor can help or medication or a change of diet. Well, I’m afraid if you loathe yourself and are denying yourself even a basic acknowledgement of your own feelings and what’s making you will definitely ‘go off‘! Maybe you’ll keep ticking and then go off like a time bomb, maybe you’ll just go off like an old forgotten carrot, rotting on the vegetable rack! But, please, this isn’t the way to go. We are many things before the physical manifestation. Call it spiritual counselling, call it energy work, call it practical mindfulness, it doesn’t matter but I’d say Do It! Each moment is a new chance to get to know yourself, heal and resonate like mad, border even on reverberating if you want to! I’ve always loved a bit of reverb myself. This is our season, our lives are happening now. Value it, make it magic and keep returning to your connection with all life, peace and silence in your hearts. That’s where we’re all going eventually.

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