Saturday, June 5, 2010

Creating what you want and non-judgement

Last week I was into manifestations. The premise is ‘thoughts become things.’ The system is:
Choose something.
Wish for it; really dream it up and think of it, then clear any obstacles to wishing for it. These are always unconscious but powerful gatekeepers to your creativity. Sometimes known as limiting beliefs! Clear them, even if you don’t identify what they are. Who cares. If they’re slowing you down, ditch them.
Desire it. This is a getting in touch with the feeling, the ‘feel good factor’ on your system, of this thing you’ve chosen. Clear any obstacles to desiring it.
Intend it. Remember that we have the infinite organizing power of nature to play with and seriously suggest that it comes about. Clear any obstacles to fully intending this occurrence. If you can, picture it in 3D.
Passion. Be passionate about it. This means commit yourself. Clear any obstacles to graciously receiving the answer to your prayers! Obstacles might be guilt, undeservingness, independent values etc. It doesn’t matter though, they’ll clear either way.
Notice. Many people struggle with a cognitive dissonance. This is the inability to notice. You can’t see what has changed or is changing. Your perceptions and beliefs fall behind and try to ignore the awakening of your conscious creativity and the new power of increased awareness. If, in the past, we have identified with feeling insignificant or unlucky or isolated, it takes self discipline and courage to take on the new experience of being an effective, loved and respected person for instance.

This week, its about not taking judgements seriously. We make a judgement every second or so. These range from, ‘I’m late’ to ‘that was rude’ to ‘think this milk’s gone off’ and every other direction too. Every judgement is a stress on our systems. They confirm opinions and beliefs and misconceptions. They are a stress because they say over and again, in countless ways, that ‘I am not alright’ and ‘this is not alright’. They relentlessly point out a discrepancy between being alright and how things are! So, we need to bring our judgements into harmony. The system is:

Sit still. Listen to your self. Activate your senses. Spend time in the present moment by identifying feelings, thoughts and physical aches and pains. Listen to your outside world too - birdsong, mowers, silence if you’re lucky. Then you start to notice the judgements.
To let them go just say: ‘this is neither good nor bad, it just is’ Keep clearing until you feel totally okay about it.

We hold on to many judgements because there’s a consensus that they are ‘right!’
Violence, aggression, cruelty, injustice, debt and illness are surely bad we might argue. But remember, if it gets you going, it means its an energetic frequency still scratching away in your unconscious thought, fear or belief in any of those things is creating more conflict. Try it, try saying ‘any behaviour or neglect is neither good nor bad, it just is’ To start with the mind will fight back going: 'But, but, but, we have to fight. What about me? or What about a fairer world?!' But I’m sure that for inner peace, the answer is allowing everything. Making everything ok with you. I bet you fifty cent, the outer world will mirror this peace and all information and people will be able to co-exist compassionately. It has to start inside each of us that's all.

In regard to the 3 judgements I had this morning, my internal dialogue went something like this;
‘I’m late’...but thankfully my true self is timeless, so I will associate with that part of myself and if I have to mix with someone who hasn’t grasped that yet, I will apologize. So no energy was spent in regret and urgency.
‘That was rude’... but thankfully everyone is just an unloved part of myself showing up, so no need to take offense. I choose not to. I said instead: ‘thank you for reminding me that I’m still taking things personally. I must be really nearly ready to let that go now its come into my awareness so clearly!’
‘The milk is off’ but thankfully slightly soured milk is good for bread dough.

One's inner world is a strange place isn't it!
A good time to explore how you are is when you are waking up. Be kind and sympathetic.

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