Saturday, June 19, 2010

Communications of every kind

Thanks for the ideas about contacting TV3 and other stations. This is a learning curve for me as I don't even watch telly. Prefer to keep my head clear! Nonetheless, making our own TV programme sounds great. As one or two people we're visiting speak to animals on a regular basis and so do we, it could turn into quite a story. Voices for Animals, part two hopefully!

Susi is going out of internet coverage for the next week - I know its called a world wide web but that doesn't include outer space, I think that must be where the party is. So if you think of something that requires immediate action, please let me know instead!

There have been some mega clearings this week, most of which I'd highly recommend everyone does for themselves and their friends. While we believe and identify with a whole lot of bleak things, we're only creating more. We need to saturate ourselves in good feelings. Dream them up if you have to and practice night and day! The sort of people we meet and experiences we have are a fantastic mirror of how we're feeling, not the other way around. So lets pull our attitudes up in every area. Let go of the past, be generous, forgiving, supportive...start with yourself! We really do need to get empowered, need to start feeling the confidence that should come from knowing we can create anything.

1. Clear any parts of your heart beset by the attitude that 'noone really gives a damn' - don't be surprised if you get the initial answer from the pendulum that more than half your heart's vibrations are at a standstill because of this random belief!
2. Betrayal
3. Unacknowledged Grief
4. Family Constellations - your ancestors
5. Security/Supportedness
6. Horror

Number 6 was my favourite. Have a look at your DVD collection and notice what makes you tick!
I also liked number 5. Its a reminder that clearing for positive developments is really the way forward. We're effectively creating a flow of energy in a new direction, towards a different way of being.

Other highlights to share with you are Eric Dowsett is around for the summer and up for clearing if anyone is missing me; Rosemarie Durr Pottery in Castlecomer is giving me loads of work so I'm grateful for that - and making beautiful pots too obviously, so maybe see you there before I go; I'm also recommending to all horse lovers - Ivan Kelly for training and Leslie Physiotherapist for a twinge-free trusty steed, respectively.


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