Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Incarnate or not incarnate is all the same to us

A stillness underlies everything, all movement is only an illusion that we buy in to. Nothing is ever born or dies. If enough people agree with you that something is happening, its called true. If nobody does, you're called mad. In reality everything stays the same.

Nonetheless, several people agreed that Windy had a birthday today, his 20th no less, so lets celebrate.

We can not at first understand or realize this stillness. I only mention it to plant the seed of this understanding. We will not recognize the seed from the trees that grow out of them. They will have gone for good. All we can do is
1. Put in place the possibility that we are all one big ocean of energy.
2. Realize for a time every day that this associates us with the elements and the most limitless examples of people and animals and natural phenomena. We are no greater or lesser.
3. Systematically shed our resistance to growth.

Worth a go surely!

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