Friday, April 23, 2010

Clearings for the day!

Forgiveness - all relationships and practice on passing traffic if that's easier!

Breath - Be aware of breathing deeply and with relish for the great oxygen scene and then out with joy.

Plentiful money - Old, internally-held conflict blocks financial security and creativity. Consciously release any
conflict between giving and receiving, even if you're not sure there is any. I bet you 50p there is.
conflict between spiritual wealth and physical finances. Even if your spiritual life and healing isn't your priority yet, if you get these two in alignment, you'll find yourself effortlessly in more fulfilling work that more fully expresses who you are and brings in a happy livelihood.

Desire - Focus attention on heart's deepest desire and give it up to the universe to manifest. This is an interesting one. Its an opportunity to think of something new but one finds oneself thinking of something old by mistake. Might need some more work!

These are my recommendations for the day. Its so sunny everything is possible.
I have also been clearing for beloved Sybil the rescued lurcher. She had a block in her intestine which has now gone miraculously but is still a bit down on her luck. Please hold a big resolutionary space for her too!

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