Saturday, June 13, 2020

Shouldn't We Ask Why Ireland Needs Protecting From Fine Gael?

Dysfunctional Family Metaphor

it is like having a go at your mum when your Dad's just stopped your allowance and kicked you out of the house without any dinner or way of going anywhere safe to stay.
Isn't it mad that the main job of the Green party, PBP and the Independents is to prove that they will and can protect people from the main parties Fine Gael and Fine Fail. Why do we not expect Leo Varadkar, for example, to care about or proactively address any of the things that matter in society? 

Manufactured Consent For Greed, Exploitative Industries and Dishonesty

The main parties have somehow manufactured a consent to their inexcusable use of public money, their reluctance (and worse) to tax the harmful industries. We have inadvertently agreed that it's somehow perfectly alright for them to beaver away behind the scenes divvying out four times the going rate for private hospital beds in hospitals owned by their friends...
(I've just had an awful thought: If Larry Goodman's Animal Body Parts and Queally's Meat and More have got into private hospital ownership and they were the gangs at the heart of the horse meat contamination party, we should probably be food safety testing samples for traces of human flesh too! Nothing would surprise at all and it would save them a few quid on getting rid of hospital waste, known in their vocabulary as 'disposal of carcass costs'. They should probably do a head count of their workers too to see if there's anyone missing after the pandemic clusters. Nobody wants to end up in a tin of pedigree chum do they?)

Does it count as 'Negotiations To Form A Government' when the Exiting Government are only protecting Private Interests?

So even during negotiations, they get to be brazenly irritated if someone asks them to do anything at all to protect the environment; propose some climate action; anything at all to promote public health or even allow people to exist properly. They never proffer an answer to the questions on everyone's lips. 'What the hell do you think you're doing and why? They won't even answer a direct question without being extremely defensive and not remotely respectful, let alone empathetic or trustworthy.

Absurd Outcome: People Are Blaming The Wrong Party

On the other hand, it seems to be not alright at all, if an essentially democratic entity large or small can't get a result for the people. It's not so surprising that, in negotiations, the Greens are having a hard time standing up sufficiently to the tidal wave of ignorance, greed, bullying and systemic abuse of power that is everywhere they turn. Why do people choose to call that a let down or compromise rather than notice we shouldn't need to be protected from our acting fine gael ministers...should we?! It's bizarre!!

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