Friday, May 29, 2020

8 Billion Now, 2 Billion For Future Round Up Cancer Lawsuits

Yes! Monsanto/Bayer agree a 10 Billion dollar settlement for just one of the cancers that Round-Up causes. Non-Hodkin Lymphoma. 8 Billion for current claims and 2 billion for future claims. Institute of Responsible Technology Video Update

I'm coming to think that money is not only the root but also the foliage of  all evil!

Now will Irish people accept that Round Up is a carcinogen? 

What with courts seeing evidence and agreeing and people dying in their droves?

There are hundreds of thousands more legal claims regarding 7 more cancers, kidney and liver disease, alzheimers, heart disease, aanxiety, ADHD, autism , allergies, IBS.

For all these and more there is 'substantial evidence' showing that Glyphosate/Round Up creates physiological changes and an epidemiological * link - incidence rate levels of occurrence. 

Glyphosate on Irish Food 

Come on Ireland, every supermarket food item is doused with Round Up here...unless it specifically is labelled organic.

Glyphosate In Gardens

 They sell it in Woodies for us to spray around the garden. 

Glyphosate on Land

Every farmer goes mad for it on grazing fields, verges, crops. 

Glyphosate on Public Land

Every county council has endless supplies and designated workers to spray it around public spaces and roads. 

Settlements For Ireland

On the contrary, Ireland and all of Europe subsidise pesticides, herbicides, chemical fertilisers and farm animal-pharmaceutical through the the EU's farm subsidies scheme. 
I bet not one penny of settlement are we looking for from them here. I don't suppose those corporations even pay a little tax contribution to support our national health service. Of course, we're creating a new markets and never-ending uptake for those pharmaceutical company-sponsored consultants and hospitals. I know, I've seen the Lyrica merchandising. We are poisoning ourselves all day everyday. And even if you scrape the surface of history, you see that Monsanto and Bayer recruited Nazi survivors, still keen to press on with large scale gassing of lesser populations. When I visited Aushwitz and the other concentration camps, there were massive piles of red tins, each labelled 'pesticide'. That is how they gassed the jew, the genocide, you might remember it? Well, now they've got us poisoning ourselves.    

We're veritably barking mad aren't we? Ignorant? In denial?

Farmers may blame the green movement for having to stop but it's not really our fault. We're trying to help. The Green Party in government are now going to be able to go further and get financial supports for the things that should have been perfected and protected decades ago - clean food, fertile soil, biodiversity, see freedom, water security. 

Let Organic Farms Lead The Way

If there's any still struggling on, let the organic farms that practice natural agriculture, regenerative agriculture, fermenting common weeds to restore soil fertility and crop rotation lead the way and stop the spraying of food. There are many who already know how to manage pests and diseases without resorting to poisons.

Irish Public Health

I suggest this because profiting, economic relationships and cost saving are pretty meaningless once public health is gone. Have we learned that much this year?!

India bans 27 HHPs - Highly Harmful Pesticides for Public Health & Environmental Wellbeing

Public Engagement 

I'd be interested to know how many of the population would be willing to help farmers manage crops, staying vigilant for pests, weeding or paying extra for not sprayed groceries? Oh yes and could you learn to choose the imperfect vegetables and fruit, rather than the gleaming plastic wax coated ones.As a society could we go back to cutting out the occasional bad bit? It wouldn't kill us probably...whereas the farm sprays are.

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