Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Self-Isolation Made Easy

If you think you should self-isolate, do not forget what you know. Raw onion, garlic, ginger, lemon, apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, aloe vera, vitamin c, raw fruit and veg, fermented foods, all have massive anti-viral properties. Make yourself eat very tiny pieces or sip tiny amounts with maple syrup or just water. Lots of water…but not straight from the tap. Just sit it on your side table overnight on a slip of paper that says ‘thank you for my healing’ or something positive and shorter. Or on a picture of something beautiful and thriving cut out from a magazine.
And don’t forget tea tree oil or vicks or anything menthol or any essential oil probably and put a little in a pan of boiling water. Towel over the head and inhaling the vapours will really open the bronchiole and ease your breathing.

And if you’ve got no symptoms and aren’t ill at all, don’t let fear constrict your chest prematurely. Watch comedies and rom coms and play music and keep a journal of your thoughts and ideas and feelings. If you want to get practical, save the seeds from your peppers and tomatoes and the potatoes that are growing shoots and plant them out in the garden or in a pot. Or look up on line a complete list of anti-viral and immunity building items and see what you have to play with! Something to look forward to and a sense of purpose to is always the key to success. I heard rumours of recipes for colloidal silver being totally doable and effective. I heard that if you can get your hands on MMS it’s a powerful antedote. Turn off your phones, TV, lights and wifi when you’re going to sleep.
We come from a society that doesn’t like to be alone and let’s face it nothing is more miserable than feeling ill and like it’s the end of the world and no one looking after you and bringing you freshly heated hot water bottles and toast or even supposed to open the door to see if you’re still in the land of the living. I know you can’t go to the doctor either and you wouldn’t want to, with all those sick people gathered in the one place, but feel free to message me if you want a distance healing. My very mild super powers will no doubt come into full affect now, so that’s an open invitation.

Don’t wait for the national guidelines to change, we can look after ourselves and we might not be being told the whole truth. The poor doctor in Clare who raced around doing his duties and his child have been proof enough of a couple of things. It is not just contact related, it’s airborne so do use a mask if you have one. Secondly, I think tragically, it’s the child who has symptoms and not the adults so children are at risk too.

All the best and keep calm and try and stay kind, even though I totally understand that everyone whether they’re handing you a tenner or using the petrol pump before you is being looked at with suspicion right now.

My note to self, is think about your little habits that need to change. Talking of the garage, I used to always grab a bag of crisps and now I wouldn’t eat in the car if you paid me. I get the whole way home, wash my hands, get a bowl out and empty the crisps into it. Wash my hands again and eat them. Could this nerve-wracking situation actually be the road to a more civilized and slowing down society?! All the best and lots of love everyone, on this World Women Day, among which number I am glad to call myself a part!

I can't remember who I took this nice picture from but it says it all suddenly. We can't look outside for help, we must dig deep xxx

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