Monday, June 3, 2019

The Five Ways To Generate Positive Emotion

It Is Just How Energy Works

What was secret is now common knowledge... like this cove at the lighthouse

We don't need food to live

Very few think that I could be a breatharian. It’s true it takes a considerable depth of understanding that we don’t need food and water to live. To see that it is just an illusion of dependency, foisted on us to keep us needy and in and out of the shops and looking to someone other than ourselves with a ‘please, sir, can I have some more?’ expression.

Oranges, Olives, Avocados and Edible avoid the shops

Working with Energy rather Than Just the Empirically Obvious

But I am some of the way there. I can work with energy effectively. I know how to consciously imbibe what I need from the ether and I do it every day. I know, in principle that every thing is energy and that we ourselves determine the qualitative state/form of the energy that arrives, in our experience. For example, if I’m genuinely expecting nourishment, I receive nourishment. 

Dinner with the right company is physically, emotionally and spiritually nourishing

Low Expectations Are A Liability

The flip side is that if I am (somewhere in here, in my mind or in my heart) expecting a shortage or a depressing reality to present itself, then that is what I will receive, instead.

A half done hydroponic experiment and a log pile running low OR
Hydroponics nearly established and log pile saw me through the winter?!

When you feel strongly, is it strongly positive?

This is what makes it crucial to overcome a ‘lack mentality’ or, in my case, an ‘acute awareness of suffering’ mentality. Everybody I know has both these things. That’s how it works: 
If you have even one persistent concern be it the health service, animal or human rights or money…they will not, I’m afraid, prevail as you are more probably expecting the LACK of a health service, the ABSENCE of human and animal rights and the SHORTAGE of money.

Dissipate Pent Up Emotion

So today, I’m digging deep into all those concens and deftly and swiftly dissipating any emotional energy around them. I bet that if you too have any emotion around a topic, it is negative emotion and we know what that attracts: Shed loads more of the same.

So you know what I’m going to say, I’m sure:
Generate and schedule-in some seriously positive emotion to your days. If the draw to a bleak outlook is too great or you don’t know how to get past it, give me a shout.

They say; do not wait for someone to bring flowers. Most of these are edible, picked yesterday to save from being blown asunder in the gale and my two luckiest colours: Orange and  yellow

Generating Positive Emotion To Create Better Outcomes

There are five ways to generate positive emotion and turn your reality around. These are not just optional extras. You can’t turn your reality around unless you do the energetic work, master your thoughts, come to terms with how things work and make the concerted effort to generate positive emotion. And there’s not hundreds of ways there are these five ways. 
So…where was I”? Oh yes

1) Be At Peace With Everything 

       Affirm to yourself, I am at peace with everything in my life. This has the added bonus of being funny as it won’t ring true the first few times you say it. What with cognitive dissonance (your psychological settings taking a bit of time to get with the programme) you will just have to laugh with incredulity and keep persevering until you realize the truth of the sentence.

Even and especially your family

2)   Gentleness is Healthy

       Practice emanating gentleness from inside your body. Soften your heart and send it out. Soften your focus and send it out and then soften any other organs or limbs that feel a bit rigid when you quietly enquire within.

3) See Yourself As Majestic and Contented  

       This involves your Gaia energy field; your relationship to Nature. If we are all connected and made of the very same stuff, then it’s totally legitimate to identify for a while with a tree or a blade of grass, as it is to compare yourself to another human being.

This one has two added bonuses …bonii? A) Trees are so majestic and we don’t often get to feel like that and B) if you were previously feeling frustrated with your productivity or progress you can say squarely to a tree, ‘what have you achieved today? And it will say ‘No more than a busy day of photosynthesis and a chat among our roots about nearby insects and bacteria that could get problematic’. 

You’ll never get the impression they wished they’d done more though and you’ll feel better about what you yourself ticked off your To Do list.

Every kind of Fuchsia, Escallonia, Willow,
Oak and Hazel at Harmony Hall

       4) Cruise On Past Efforts

 Draw in your energy regularly and have four happy places to visit in your mind’s eye. One of mine is reading or thinking about the things I’ve written over the last week. This week; a good energy clearing report, a poem for a competition, a funny page bio and now this highly important post is getting written that could literally improve the lives of millions, instantly or in years to come.
That’s the beauty of the internet.

Or a simple achievement like getting the kitchen how you like it.

With Our Thoughts, We Make It Happen

       5) That last sentence about the internet is a good example of the 5thway to generate positive emotion ‘Looking for the positive spin’ on things. Staying with the internet example, we habitually say ‘it saps our time’ and ‘it’s a bit of a rabbit hole’ but unfortunately that makes it a true story. If we can find and maintain an optimistic approach, then that becomes the reality. Literally, if I can come to believe that the internet is bringing happiness, solutions and meaningful connection then that is what it’s doing.

With our most persistent thoughts, be they conscious or unconscious, as they say in Star Trek, we “Make it so, No. 1”

Plant The Seeds of This Idea Now and They Will Bring A Great Harvest In Time 

They are only small but they represent hope and we all need that!!


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