Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Architect Michael Rice on Reframing

Architect Michael Rice on reframing 

Be it timber, mental or emotional

Whether you have a home or not, you can make a start. Everyone who comes to Harmony Hall breathes a sigh of relief and feels a sense of excitement. They compare the big windows with their wee cottage portholes or narrow town house outlook and think they could never have this. That is not the case! 

Vesica Pices geometry at work

The perspective, energy and proportions are absolutely transferable! Michael Rice who specializes in 'creating a space of beauty and truth' can help. He designed this place and I’d recommend running any house plans past him before you build. The changes he will suggest will be subtle but make the difference between you creating a life of accord or discord. 

 Reconnection and Resonance

But also, he is well able to shift the energy of an existing place with his artwork; he can help you represent your adherence to the principles of nature, simply with images and even rebalance your relationships and make them more authentic and connected that way. 

Goodness knows, every other aspect of life, work and society is so divisive these days. I think you’d be mad not to tip away at making your inner space and home intact and a positive place to be. Working with him this week, he challenged me on my mental and emotional associations. Without realizing it, I had allowed some negative associations masquerade as mindfulness and so I was able to let them go. Such is the power of clarity and remembering that all reframing is to achieve proportion and ‘a harmonious relationship between the parts and within the whole’ as Alberti wrote.

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