Wednesday, May 31, 2017

How Do You Deal With What Is and What Is Not?

Leave Her Alone, She's With Me

Time to observe your good traits as well as your bad

Do you often check in with yourself with kindly discernment? For myself, I have always done a lot of work around areas of my personality that I considered negative and patterns that had a tendency to depress me. I had not questioned those that gave joy and peace. For example, I have always looked for the good in people and the gift in situations. I never give up on the potential of a situation or hope for the people involved, including myself. One of my favourite clearings down the years has been to sit in my eye-shaped room (the vesica pices – a shape created by overlapping the horizons of two circles) and if the issue is a sickness I ask for it to be released from its actuality and returned to the field of all possibilities and if it is an issue of lack, I ask for the required scenario to be drawn down from the said field of possibilities into the actualization of physical occurrence. 

Evening Drinks

Instead of a need to keep moving, look around the present moment

Until! In recent weeks I spotted another level of truth. Yes, there is great healing and great forward movement in this method but there is also a focus on what is not.  It serves recovery and vision and expansion – a means of getting to where you want to go - but I was not looking closely enough at what is (what is already around and is currently the case).  I found my way back to this focus via a gratitude practice where I’d identify ten things I was grateful of, morning and evening, and really savour one thing in particular as the very best thing that had come about that day.

Glanleam Beach

Becoming Thankful for the Actual Rather Than Potential

Through this training, I already knew that the more you look, the more you see. I found I had to combine the two exercises and savour always a full ten favourite occurrences of the day. Nonetheless, I realized with a shock that if you are focused on potential, you will only ever meet potential, create potential and experience potential. For me, that included all my various objectives to some extent, including love, health, business and social change.

Who Let The Dogs In

Disappointment to Regeneration at High Speed 

So I came down with a bump of disappointment and wept a little. I had to let my hopes go. I needed to take off my rosy tinted spectacles. I had to face the reality of the present moment with all its absentees. Luckily, the sadness and disillusionment only lasted fifteen minutes….before it dawned on me what I had to do: Same as always;
1.     Clear the emotional charge out of the situation: It aint good, it aint bad, it just is.
2.     Then remember and keep remembering to look around for what is…because, by the sheer law of averages, there will be plenty there to be getting along with, without drifting into what could be …but is not!!
Plato's Water Symbol also known as Metatron's Cube

No Hurry

Although recovery speed is valued when you're on a downer or if you're an athlete, it is also good to give yourself time to listen to your conscience and heart. 

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