Saturday, March 11, 2017

One for The Lost Wawel, please! - Favourite sentence of the journey so far!

Beautiful Friesian and Apaloosa horses everywhere but not fully loved sadly, the word on the street has it.

In front of the Basillica - If one is going to receive direction direct from God it would happen in there; the most epic, gold, 100 metre tall stained glass windows and vestal virgins looking down from every alcove in blue.

The Lost Wawel with human remains strewn about and a mulitu

This bullock has a serious frown - nearly 10 lines...have felt like that mysel for his kind too

Dave Adam playing Collars in our hostel

Comprehensive and Beautiful Health Food Shop for Adaptoka mad herbs, Quinoa and Coconut oil - all the essentials

Glonojad Vegetarian Bar Vegan Tacos - Polish Stylee

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