Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ode to A Wwoofer - A Photographic Account. Part One!

Ester and Jordi came to Harmony Hall for November and a bit of December of 2016. They made such a brilliant contribution that I thought I had better blog about what happened in that time. So much happened that I will start with Ester's input and do a whole separate one about Jordi. Suffice to say, life is so much fun when you're surrounded by like-minded people. We were all vegan, animal advocates and activists and that made the time a comfort zone and totally creative for all of us.

Following advice for a cosier arrangement for the sitting room!

Beautifully weeded drive - a labour of love!

A whole bedroom painted gold with one pot of paint - the feeding of the five thousand!

Leaves collected and composted from all over the place.

Sophie's confidence gained - something that not many achieve!

Left with me the habit of photographing meals - Christmas garlic mushrooms and sprouts

Sprouted chickpeas in vinaegrette and organic, mashed potato

Rocket salad and avocado - Locally grown ...a new Christmas Miracle

Baked Potato with sprouted chick pea hummus

Leeks, salad and raw hummus with spirulina (a handy addition if it's too lemony at first)

She also left me with the idea of comparing quality and brands of vegan products. I am not very discerning though, yet...all these are really good and I can't remember how much any of them cost. The right hand Suvervalu ones probably cost more than the Aldi ones on the left. But then you'd be more inclined to support a brand called 'Strong Roots' though, wouldn't you!

I learnt that nothing is ever fully broken. B&B guests smashed my sculpture into 8 pieces. But now it is back together and much improved with new outfits for the boat people and best of all...FACES!

So good at the faces that I asked her to give my angel a face too!

Endless entertainment from mixing our metaphors. Jordi early on described the government as "bees in wolves' clothing" This is Ester's interpretation of the scene. Think he might have meant 'wolves in sheep's clothing'!!

With Charlise Theron as a role model, a room was turned from bleak blue to Barley Gold. Thank God for Bryan as well, visiting a Woodies in Dublin to buy the last few testers in the great colour as it was end of line, out of stock and we still had a metre squared to do!

Advice taken on the arrangement of paintings in my bedroom. Always a good head for aesthetics!

I learnt that there is always time to stop and give an animal some love, a brush and take a photo

Cupid modeling unconditional love and sadness at their departure!

Thanks for everything and I know I haven't mentioned all the amazing things you got done here like the cleaning of all the internal doors - completely changes the place. The folding of all the linen and towels that make them look like new. The painting of the stairwell - the all-important feng shui 'health area' of the house - and all the willow work as well. In gratitude and friendship, Happy Christmas to all wwoofers out there!

If you don't know what a wwoofer is? Willing workers on organic farms, or world wide opportunities on organic farms... or something like that! Amazing system, can find out more on
I have only ever had brilliant people come but this little 6 week, 2016 interlude was exceptional!

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